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  1. and the end was a push, a real push, I had trouble catching my breath when I got to the cool down. I am glad I pushed myself, but in two minds if I should move onto week 5, or stick to week 4 for a bit more until I am not close to collapsing after the second lot of 5 minutes lol... Then on the other hand, in the beginning, after the first 5 minute run, I feel like I could keep going, and feel like the walk in between is actually hindering rather then helping..., so the other thought I have is do I just go out and warm up then run until it gets too much? Or is it better to continue to follow the program? Has anyone successfully managed to keep running without finishing the second half of the program?
  2. How are you going now? I just finished week 4, and must say I am loving it, even though today was a push towards the end
  3. thank you, I did it, and it was so much easier than I thought, loving it :-)
  4. It seems daunting the thought of 3 minutes as after the 90 sec I was puffing, I run on the road and there are slight hills, that worries me even more if those hills come during the 3 minute blocks. question, if I dont manage day 1, do I repeat day 1 until I get it all? (thats what I did with the first day of week 1, so essentially did week 1 4 times) Did anyone else find this step daunting but found it to be okay?
  5. Thank you for replying and your thoughts, much appreciate it, will see how I go tomorrow with the next run, and might look at new shoes. I was thinking about finding an oval and running there, but dont like the thought of having to get in the car first, might be worth a try though.
  6. Hi, I tried this program a few years ago, got half way through it, then got quite sick and in hospital, and never picked it up again. I am 42, and battling some health issues, but thought getting back into more exercise may be helpful. I have just started week 2, and must say I am loving it, I have been running every second day, and doing yoga on the other days. Yesterday was my first day of week 2, today I have one sore knee, not overly sore, but niggly. I run on the road, are sore knees something that just means my body is adjusting, or is there better surfaces to run, better shoes to reduce impact? Any tips on keeping my knees healthy would be great :-)
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