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  1. Haha thanks, but I am definitely not averaging over 10km/h in week 3. I went 7.19km today (week 6 day 3), including warm up and cool down. I have debated skipping over to week 9 with its 4x10 min runs and just going through once. It is this coming week that defeated me last time, when I was running single runs. I seem to go better with intervals. I did hear that the marathon/half marathon trainer was all walk/run. Does anyone know how long is the largest run period is? Maybe I should buy and work towards that rather then hitting the same brick wall again? Does the full marathon program have the "half" as a milestone like the 10k has a 5k halfway point in the program?
  2. Congratulations Aimee. I'm still waiting for it to get "easier", but your post gives me hope that it will eventually happen.
  3. Having some trouble. I tried the 2x22 min run today (week 6 day 3). I did make it, but I also recognise that it is unsustainable. I spent almost all of the second run at over 90% max heart rate. I can't keep adding time to this. I did have to have a week off for medical/logistical reasons. I moved the incline down to 0 for the whole run and for the second half, slowed my speed down 0.1km/h, as I knew it was going to be a hard one. So rather then moving on to a 1x44 min run on Wednesday, I'm debating going back and just having some fun, shorter bursts for a week. 1.5 songs run, 0.5 songs walk for the same number of km. Will get back into working on my fitness and breathing for a bit. I do think it is my breathing I am having issues with. By the end, my lungs just feel wrecked.
  4. Congratulations! It is such a bit jump, but it does tend to surprise us. I've slowed down to keep my heart rate in the cardio zone and am doing 8km/h (5miles/hr) for the running and 5km/hr (3.1 miles/hr) for the walking. So going a bit slower than you, I would make 1.7 miles in 20 mins. Don't worry about the speed at the moment. That comes later. Just make it through, take it easy, build up the endurance. And in other news, I did the 40 min run straight today!! Which means I smashed through my previous barrier that I had when doing the single runs on the first attempt through. I didn't get through it with nearly as much style as my previous days, but I did it. It was a lot harder to stay focused without the break. So, I officially ran more than 5km/3 miles! How did that happen? I am so pleased with myself, and going onward with my next milestone of 10km
  5. I can't believe I made it! I even could have kept going in the end, but thought I should stop. I have decided to try the 1 x 40 mins. As others have said, you have already been doing the distance. And really in one way it is 5 mins shorter than today's run. But oh my gosh it is a scary thought. That will bring me over the 5 km barrier which is further then the barrier I had the first time through.. When I couldn't get part the week 7? workouts.
  6. I've posted about the same sort of issue. In the end I went back to the beginning of the program running double runs (doing each day twice in a row). My fitness has improved heaps and I'm pretty confident I can do it this time. Probably not as helpful with your race next week, but an idea to consider.
  7. is it possible to take it inside on these days? We are sweltering hot here, so I am indoors with fans on me. much easier. and can listen to music up high and not have to worry about traffic
  8. So my big double week 5 day 3 run is tomorrow. Am nervous as to how I am going to go. And if I actually make it, I'm not sure whether I should put an extra step in, ie 1x40 mins, or just keep going with my double sessions with a 5 min walk between them. If I don't do a "joining" step, am I going to get to the end and not be able to put them together? The thought of 2x20 mins is already overwhelming, not sure how I would go with a 40 min run. I guess maybe see how I go tomorrow first.
  9. I've posted before under running tips, but thought I would start a progress log here. After hitting a brick wall around week 7, I decided to start over at the beginning, doing each day twice in a row, ie. Once it hits cool down I press end workout and start again. The idea being I would increase my fitness enough to tackle the longer runs. I've finished week 4, and going really well so far. My heart rate is better, but still getting too high during the long runs. Often when I lose focus, so I have to concentrate. I have the big 20 min one at the end of the week (ie. 2x20 mins)
  10. Just went to week 4. The extra time running kicked my heart rate up high again. I'm wiped, and my chest and legs still hurt. I'm going to keep going through the week and see how I go. May repeat this week at a slower speed if it doesn't settle. Although I can't physically run much slower, so hopefully my fitness just needs another run or two at this level to catch up
  11. As above, don't worry about speed. Do vary your inclinduring the workout. I go from 1 to 4 on random or course to get the variation. As to speed, I started off with a speed of 7.5km/h and then went to 9 after a few months before going back to 8km/h. It isn't a race, your aim is endurance and to keep going. That is what is going to improve your fitness, not going faster. Don't pay attention to distance on the program, just run for the allotted time along with the voice. You will increase speed and distance later as you get fitter. Go at the speed that you can complete it on. I went at the slowest I could run/jog at initially. That is ok.
  12. nothing wrong with repeating sessions. I posted about having trouble progressing. After trying for like over a month to get past that point, I started back at the beginning with two back to back workouts. I'm finding them easier, my fitness is really improving fast, and I know when I get back to the longer runs, I will be able to do them this time. Try repeating the sessions, but if you don't get it after a couple of runs, go back a x weeks. No shame in doing that, and it will help your fitness more than having your body scream at the high intensity. I do hear you should be doing most runs at a reasonably easy cardio pace, which means if you are killing yourself, and can't get past the next stage, perhaps go back and do longer, and lower intensity.
  13. Just posting an update on this. As planned, since the post I have started back at the beginning. I go through the program until cooldown, where I press end workout and restart the same day again. This effectively doubles my workout. I have been doing an extra run during the second "warm up". I also slowed down to 8km/hr (5mph) Anyway, I just completed week 3 day 2 today. I am getting really fit! It felt really easy. My heart rate was only in the peak zone for 4 minutes today. 32 minutes in cardio and 18 in fat burn! I'm thinking I might up the speed very slightly for my next run. I'm actually feeling confident about next week, but a bit worried about the later longer runs coming up. But I'm sure by the time I reach it, I will be ready.
  14. When I get stuck, i go to settings and then press the "back" button up the top. I don't know why there isn't a direct link back..
  15. Distances aren't terribly accurate on the elliptical (it says you run further with less effort), but the program will work fine on increasing your fitness. I would go for it!! I tend to turn the resistance up to make it a bit harder, if it is too low, the wheel and momentum does all the work. I do find that after 30 mins on an elliptical my feet are killing me. It is lower impact then running and I tend to jump on if I have an slight injury (although I don't count it on the program).
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