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Back in April I have failed W4D1 with 6.5mph and 3% incline. Since then I was continue to run three times per week and got much fitter.

So I tried to run w4D1 today :


Wednesday - revisiting Week 4

Walk - 0.35mi, 3.5mph, 3%


    All walks are 3.8mph, 4% incline

    All runs  are 6.5mph, 3%


I have completed it but it was tougher than I thought. And I think I now know why - these short 'rest'

walking intervals with 3.8mph and 4% incline are the reason! I will add more of these type of walking  in my training.



Thursday - rest day

Walking - 3.8mph, 3.0%; Jogging - 5.8mph, 2% incline

Light walking/jogging - 4.05 mi, 52min (about 50-50%% short intervals)

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