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  1. W3D1 done. Jogging for 3 minutes straight would have been impossible a month ago.
  2. Week 2 day 2 - done! Felt tough- usually go in the morning; tonight was after a long day's teaching.
  3. Week 2 day 2 - done! Felt tough- usually go in the morning; tonight was after a long day's teaching.
  4. Not taking any "before" photos of my body this fitness drive. It just encourages me to hate what I look like, even when things start to improve, and that's not healthy.

  5. C25K - week 2 day 1 done! Also, Week 1 day 3 of push ups, sit ups and pull ups apps.
  6. Doesn't matter- your priority at the moment is just to get moving. Don't worry about distance just yet. Finished W1D3 today, too. *hi five*
  7. Report back to this thread on Weds, dudes!
  8. Week 1, day 1 C25K 200 sit ups app 100 push ups app 20 pull ups app Got me the whole Goddarn package.
  9. SAME HERE! Aiming to do 3x per week. Well done Raffe!
  10. Arsed up my thesis. Needed an extension. Now starting on the 26th.
  11. Two weeks to go. You might think it's odd that I'm hanging around here when I've not even started C25K yet, but it's all to make sure I don't back out of it!
  12. Well done! Just don't think about how good/fast/strong you *were*, because that doesn't matter. What's important is what you're doing *now*.
  13. Yeah, the website wouldn't let me change my profile pic either. Though with my daft mush it's probably for the best!
  14. "Sometimes motivation comes after action" - I like that a lot.
  15. Well done, Laura- you're already lapping everyone on the couch!
  16. Congratulations! Planning on taking the pushchair out for a run?
  17. JUST DO IT, MAN! We're right behind you. Perhaps try running a different route? Something more hilly to give you more of a challenge?
  18. Woo hoo! Well done Riverotter - I'll keep your determination in mind when I'm struggling! ✌
  19. Well done for getting up, but it sounds like you could benefit from 10 mins of stretching before you set off!
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