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  1. I went directly from c25k to c210k and didn't miss a beat. Finished the c210k app right on schedule. Good luck!
  2. I've been running 3-4 miles, three times a week since July thanks to this app. I'm thrilled! I was off last week with pneumonia, and this is my first week back running. My Monday run had good speed but I only ran 2.6 miles. When I started Monday my chest burned, but I pushed through and after about 10 minutes was good to go. Wednesday's run was my 2nd fastest 5k ever! Today, however, I could hardly draw a breath and I ended up walking most of the 2.8 miles, and obviously came up short on my distance. Now I'm home and I'm coughing my fool head off! Too much too soon? Any tips for easing back into running after pneumonia?
  3. The entire 5k and 10k apps are based on running 3 days per week. The rest days are important. If you prefer, you can do strength training on your off days.
  4. It's called units in settings. Ypu can toggle between miles and kilometers.
  5. Accept that people notice you running, but also accept they are wishing they too were out there caring for themselves as you are. They aren't judging you, your pace, or how you look exercising. They are judging themselves for not doing so.
  6. C25k doesn't use GPS resulting in inaccurate distance measurement. I use Runkeeper and MapMyRun to track my distance and pace.
  7. Weeks 1-8 of the 10k app are identical to the 5k app. If you are already running 5k in ~30 minutes, there's no need to start the 10k app at the beginning. Why not start in week 9 instead?
  8. Since c210k doesn't use GPS, I run MapMyRun and Runkeeper apps to see and retain my history and progress. They have proven very reliable and accurate. Additionally I've not experienced issues with running all 3 at the same time along with my music.
  9. This app doesn't use GPS. For a more accurate record I use MapMyRun and Runkeeper apps to see and retain my progress.
  10. W5D3 is a mind game. Your body can do it, but the voice in your head doesn't believe it to be true. You can do it!
  11. I wasn't a runner either, but thanks to c210k I am now! You will be too! Welcome to the group!
  12. It's designed to run three days a week. Ideally you'll want a rest day in between runs. I run MWF. As you scroll through each day across the bottom, the instructions for each day appear in the upper right corner of the app. C210K is a very good app designed to help you increase stamina. Unfortunately it is not good at record keeping. I use both MapMyRun and Runkeeper apps to see my distance and pace since both use GPS, and C210k does not. To return to the main screen, just click the forum button again. I'm happy to report C210k made a runner out of me! I started this journey last July and am still running, though I only use c210k for the forum now. Good luck to you!
  13. What worked for me was to hit the message board icon again to exit.
  14. After competing my C25K 8 week program, I immediately started C210k by beginning it at week 9. Worked just fine. Good luck!
  15. Walking is what I did. The idea is to gradually lower your heart rate.
  16. I went with the pro version to eliminate the ads. I use Runkeeper and MapMyRun to track my workouts. It's funny, I tried out both apps to see which one I like better, and now I can't let either of them go because I like different things about each of them. I prefer those two apps because they're gps-based allowing for more accurate distance. Far more accurate than c25k.
  17. Congratulations to you! I share your pride! For me, it's still utter amazement that I'm doing it. Congratulations again, and keep up the good work!
  18. The way the program is laid out, it's designed to Run 3 times per week with one day rest in between each run day. It's designed that way to reduce the risk of injury. You might consider strength training on your off days. Running M W F worked for me, with two days rest on the weekend. Good luck!
  19. Morning here. The funny thing is I'm NOT a morning person. I just prefer the quest ands solitud the morning offers. It doesn't hurt I'm asleep for the first part of the run!
  20. The way the program's laid out it's meant to be Run 3 days a week. The idea is any more than that would risk injury for a new Runner. If that's not you, you might consider doing a run walk interval on your off days or even better yet, strength training on your non run days.
  21. Welcome, and good luck on your journey!! I'm in southern az myself. It's a nice time of year to be outdoors!
  22. I'm sorry, I just reread your post. You asked about calories. MapMyFitness is great for tracking calories and interfaces nicely with either MapMyRun or Runkeeper.
  23. W14D2 in the books. Ran for a solid hour...unbelievable! I'm sitting here drenched in sweat, yet I am reticent to believe I just jogged for an hour. Started back in July and I would never have believed that I would be able to write a post like this. THANK YOU C25k and C210k!
  24. I use both MapMyRun and Runkeeper. I use both because I like the while running statuses each provide. One reports your pace and distance every five minutes and the other provides status at each mile.
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