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Post your Workout for Today Here!

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I completed W1D1 of C210k. Yay!

Ok, Post your workouts here Everyday.     I am back on it.   Today was T25 Beta Cardio and Leg Weight Training.  Feel Great!   Happy Monday!

20 below here in MI too...the indoor track was nice & cozy this morning! ; ). Week 1 down...ready for more!

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Jschaferhess, try to do week 9 and you see that you are gaining speed.

There are some special training for speed increase - google it. But it is hard (would be for me) to hit two targets at once - speed and distance



0.5mi walking, 3.5mph

1.5mi jogging, 5.4mph

0.3mi walking, 3.8mph

All with 3.5% incline

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Thursday (Back to the gym)

5.6mi exercise bike - 21min


Treadmill with 3.5% incline

1.0mi walking, 3.6mph

0.5mi jogging, 5.5mph

0.3mi walking, 3.8mph




All with 3.5% incline

0.6mi walking, 3.6mph

2.0mi jogging, 5.4mph

0.6mi walking, 3.8mph

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