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  1. W4D1 done! I knew it was going to be harder, so I jogged reeeeeeally slow, so I could run for 5 minutes. It is really better to skip one day, but yesterday I was almost craving to try! The feeling after training is really amazing! Seeing your progress keeps me motivated!
  2. Great, thank you Jschaferhess! That´s the way I´ve been doing before, then I decided to try two following days. I´ll follow your advice!
  3. W3D3 finished! I did W3d2 yesterday, and today it seemed more difficult to finish, My legs got heavy earlier. Is it normal? Or perhaps should I really skip a day between the training days?
  4. W3D2! It was easier to breathe than in W3D1, felt a bit stronger, but still very slow pace at the end. Anyway, happy! Ok, speed? Competing with the snails! Also, W2D1 of 200 Situps!
  5. I also just finished w3d1! It took me more than 2 days rest to go back after doing w2 well. But today I confess I got exhausted. I don't know if maybe due to the colder weather, it was difficult to breathe. The first 3 minutes seemed endless, but I could finish the whole training. So thank you guys for posting your advances and showing us that it's possible! Now I'm just wondering how to run during the winter. I don't want to stop after getting here!
  6. Today I finished W1D3! I´m so happy I did it! Have to find strength exercises for the legs. Hardly waiting for the second week!!!
  7. I wish you a good start! Take it easy, breathe, pay attention to your body. And when it's time to jogging, keep it really slow (I was almost at walking speed). This way you save energy to complete it!
  8. I tried to begin a year ago and gave up because I couldn't run for 60 sec. Today I decided to try it again and completed w1d1! I don't know what changed, but I feel so happy I did it until the end! I'd be very happy to join the group!
  9. Azatol, I freak out about the possibility of getting injured. Did you get the Injury Prevention training plan? Does it really work?
  10. Jessi, Dean, Azatol, thank you soooooo much for your answers! I took courage and began today. Some tips already helped me to feel pain. I just feel I'm forcing more my right leg than the left one. So I'm afraid of hurting it.
  11. After taking courage I just started today. I think I ran slower than I'm used to walk, but I could do it for 60 seconds, surprisingly, and finish the first day. I think the cold weather was the worst, I need something to protect my ears. LOL . However, I felt I was forcing more my right leg and could feel a bit the front part of the lower leg bone, in the middle of it. What am I doing wrong?
  12. Hi guys! Newbie here! Is it common to have an injury while beginnig to run? Or is it possible to avoid it? It would be great if people could tell about their experience and give some tips on how to run in a most appropriate way and what is necessary to do to prevent injuries. Thank you!
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