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  1. Did a time 4km run today and I'm down to 7mins a km on mainly flat road running. A minute faster than before I did hill training.
  2. I have done two weeks of 120m elevation hill running daily. Mainly walking up and running down. On the flat yesterday and felt like I was flying. Has definitely given me new strength in my legs.
  3. A really busy few weeks ahead but I will run. I was up at 5:30am today just so had the time. Repeating c25k as the c210k runs are too long at this stage in my life. Hoping to hit week 9 onwards over the holidays.
  4. Week 5 done, heaps faster second time round. Plus did extra run time just because
  5. Don't sweat the distance and just do the time. You will speed up.
  6. Don't sweat the distance and just do the time. You will speed up.
  7. Doesn't track distance. I run the strava app at same time to get my distance.
  8. Doesn't track distance. I run the strava app at same time to get my distance.
  9. Started back at week 4 - going to get my speed up and try to stop the boredom of longer runs. Will do one long run a week I think.
  10. We all enjoy being lazy at times! I think I can call myself a runner now but want to get back into horse riding. I am not looking forward to being saddle sore and walking like an old cowboy for the first few weeks!
  11. I just fall out of bed into my running gear and go grabbing half a banana on my way out the door. A whole banana is too much.
  12. I'm still waiting for new shoes. Did an 8km walk yesterday just to do something.
  13. Snakes are out - i need shoes as I run mostly trail.
  14. I have killed my running shoes, there are bits of sole flapping away. Tried to get a new pair and have to wait till mid next week for the shoes I need. I guess I get a few days off.
  15. I hear this all the time but if I can find time to run so can anyone. I am a homeschool mum of nine all still at home. In the mix are two preschoolers and a disabled young adult who will never leave home. I also live off grid on land and run three teens in and out of town for various jobs, activities and studies. I love my bed and any down time love nothing better than into hide away with a good book but I know I need to run for my kids and from my kids! For my health and sanity. I have so many excuses not to run but against my screaming, aching body run anyway. I hope this motivates someone as I needed to write it down to keep me motivated! Happy trails.
  16. I am upping my speed with interval training in between but 40 minutes of running is 40 minutes of running no matter how fast you go! I have Strava on in the background giving me updates on speed every half km and have 16 different playlists to choose from!
  17. Week 9 done - I'm losing my mojo again. I find these long runs really boring!
  18. I ran the 30 minutes 3 times to make sure I had it then added time, 33 mins, etc before doing week 9. I am doing speed interval training and walks in between to keep it interesting. I aim for at least 30 km a week but only doing c210k 2-3 times a week.
  19. 7km/1 hour walk/run. Started with some short interval speed training runs the first 3.5km then walked the rest.
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