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  1. Yes! The red and sweaty face. My daughter said that I looked like someone that had been burned under the sun, though the sun was very nice at that time. And you know my Asian skin, it is very long to make it fairer but it gets darker very fast after swimming, running or any outdoor activities. No pain no gain, isnt it.
  2. Done my W1D2. Felt that this one harder than the first one. Maybe my body is adjusting again. I was panting and gasping, my mouth was wide open as I breathed, I dont think it was beautiful to see. Need advice for warm up stretching. Is walking enough for fill in the 5 min warm up. Thanks before.
  3. Thank you for the insight about running pace. Sometimes I feel intimated by other personal best while my pace is quite the same as my walking. Tomorrow will be my W1D2. Need to wake up earlier before work as most afternoon is always raining here. Have to take care of my shoes, haha. Btw, I dont recall that this app record our distance. How do we know that we have reached desireable 5K distance or maybe it is hidden somewhere.
  4. Finally, I started it. The weather was fine this afternoon so I decided to run my W1D1. I have tried RunKeeper 5K Plan before and this interval plan is similar with one of the plan in RunKeeper. But I have to admit that I failed that plan. So I restart my plan with this. I would like to ask about running pace. I consider myself as a slow runner, so is my pace going to be increase through week by week of this plan. Hopefully. I am 34 years old, 75kg or around 163lbs. I plan to have my second child this year and need to lost 15 kg to reach my ideal weight before pregnancy coming. So here I am, craving for support and buddies and totally sure that everybody in here will sincerely fulfill them. Greeting from Indonesia.
  5. Hi and hi. This upcoming 8 weeks surely will feel lighter than my last 2 months with all of the supports. I hope that I can start this afternoon. Can wait to try it. Thank you all.
  6. Thank you Azatol. The 10 minutes run is a result of 2 months exercise. That is why I think is hard to move from here. Need to challenge myself more.
  7. Hi everyone. Hello from Indonesia. I'm looking forward to try this 5k plan. But it keeps on raining in Indonesia, especially in Bogor. And we don't have proper outside running track here. We have to run with the mud and cold weather. I have managed to run 10 minutes but it still hard. Please mind my poor English and very happy to meet you all. Nice to have many fellowships on this journey.
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