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  1. I agree with Azatol. I just turned the music up and even tried to sing along and forget I was running! My added piece of advice - go slow. It doesn't matter how far you go it's about getting to the end. I was running at little more than a jiggley walk the first time. But when I got to the end I grew in confidence. You can do this, just do it at what ever pace it takes. Part way through I had to talk to myself. I would be saying lift your legs, breathe, you can do it, breathe. Sometimes I would listen to my breath and say Oooh on the way in and aah on the way out. Then go back to my music. You can do it!!!
  2. Week 8 day 2 done. 4km in 33mins tonight. Not too bad. Getting faster (gradually) each run. I will do the full 5kms on my next run. Looking forward to it. Didn't say that in week one lol!!
  3. Yay I have run two more 25 & 28 minutes and felt good. Another 28 tonight. Aiming for a full 5k in the weekend. Feeling positive again!
  4. Ugggh W7D1 25mins was terrible today! Got to what must have been 12 minutes and was going to give up because it felt soooo bad! Good thing the lady piped up and said "you're halfway" and I decided, stuff it I'm halfway I may as well finish now. It was really slow and almost just bouncing on the spot!! Don't know why I felt so bad. Breathing was fine and felt I could have run faster but just couldn't lift my legs. Had to keep telling myself to lift my feet! Dreading my next one now!
  5. Week 6 done. Man where did 6 weeks go??? Felt good doing 22minutes today. Took another 30seconds off my 5k track time.
  6. Great stuff! Week 6 will seem easy! I just kept telling myself jeez you did 20mins last week move that butt!
  7. W6d1 today. Yay getting faster. Loved that having done 20mins last week this one seemed a breeze, in my mind anyway. Legs still felt a bit heavy on the last 5 mins, and I have to keep telling myself to straighten up when I'm getting tired. I am actually looking forward to week 7. Yes I've gone mad!!! I am a (poorly postured and very slow) RUNNER!!
  8. Hey Amy. I just did W5 D3 tonight. I too was terrified but was amazed that when I relaxed into it a bit I just seemed to keep going. Good luck you can do it!!
  9. So today was W5D3. No way 20mins?? I can barely do 8!! Or so I thought. Still can't believe I just ran for 20mins!! The last couple of minutes could probably be described as wobbly bouncing rather than running! And as I was gasping I didn't really appreciate the half way announcement. I was actually thinking oh crap I thought that was about 15 mins. But boy did I enjoy the one minute warning! Almost felt like a real runner, having no walk spells. Wouldn't say I enjoyed it at the time but feel awesome now!!
  10. Hey Azatol, I figure if you've done it before you can do it again. Maybe not as quick, maybe not right now. But you will do it again. You are a winner!
  11. So finished off W4 today. I have a 5k track that I do my work out on and usually walk or run/walk the last bit cos I can't do the whole thing in the 30mins yet. Today I smashed 3 minutes off my best time. Possibly because I have a new running partner once a week. She is much fitter than me and could probably run the whole thing but she is coming back from injuries and was looking for some regular training. She certainly pushed me to go a bit faster. Bring on W5! Feeling great!
  12. Love it Azatol. I have always put the fact I spend all my spare time being a mum and that "should" come first. But this year I decided if I continue on in this vein I'll be too unfit, fat or dead to be a mum. I am lucky because my husband is being very supportive but it was a mind set change on my part too. NO EXCUSES!!!
  13. Azatol is so right! This week I experienced doing the wrong week by mistake. At the start of the run I thought I was going to struggle cos it was a tough week but I pushed thru and what do you know...I had run 8 mins instead of 5 and I didn't even realise I could do that. You will surprise yourself if you just stay determined to finish it no matter how fast or slow!
  14. Arggh had a bit of trouble with my ap! Actually I blame the bright sunlight on my screen. Completed W4D1 a few days ago and feeling good. Then W4D2 done but tough. Had a couple of days off for recovery and did W4D3. Was really struggling and getting quite angry with the lovely lady on the ap cos the minutes just weren't passing fast enough. And I know Azatol had said don't look at the screen but I just had to cos I was dying!! Turns out I was somehow on W5D1!!! Anyway I just can't let the lovely lady win so I did it. But I am going to complete W4 this weekend just to mark my progress on the track. But loving that I'm not too scared of what next week will bring.
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