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  1. What do you guys think about speeds? I run at 4.7 and walk at 2.7 on the treadmill. And i am taking rest days and lifting now
  2. Just did w1d3. Starting week 2 Monday. Also stated a lifting routine to go along with running. Feeling great so far. Staying strong
  3. So i am considering running every day instead of every other. ...my question is will the effort of running everyday be worth the pain or will i get more out of every other day? Help
  4. W1d1 complete and this begins my transformation. My first 5k is in march. Right now I'm 5'10" and 295lbs. W1d1 almost killed me but i made it the whole way. I'll keep Y'all updated on my progress
  5. No Kelly she started a few years ago. She's run a bunch of 5ks. And a half marathon
  6. I'm supposed to run a 5k with my mother in November. Hopefully I'll be ready before then. Staying day 1 week 1 tonight. Wish me luck
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