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  1. Thanks, y'all! The dr suggested hamstring stretches, and I'll do the squats too. I'm supposed to walk til the pain is gone, then go back to the program. So I'll be going really slowly, but it's better than nothing!
  2. I'm 54 years old, overweight and admittedly out of shape. The first week of C25k went great, then I repeated it because I want to go slowly and stick with it. All good that far. But week 2 has been awful - the inner side of my right knee is killing me, and when I walk more than a few feet my ankles feel like knives sticking in them. I went and got fitted for good shoes, but they haven't helped. Today was wk 2, day2, and I couldn't even jog - I walked the whole time. Should I stop? I really don't want to give up!!!
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