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  1. So blast it I did. As I had done more than expected last time I went straight on to W4D1 and it was ok. Not easy but very stretching. The last 5 min jog I thought my phone had died or something it felt forever to get the warm down. But I got through it. I then went onto the gym. I didn't do anymore but that's ok I'm just glad I'm doing it. And I will make progress with the gym as the running gets easier and reps are easier. I'm where I need to be with it right now.
  2. So I'm just getting ready to go out for a run and realised that I never posted after my last one. That was 2 days ago Monday 2/2/15 I should have gone on the Sunday but got waylaid with the OH and all that. Anyway I went out but as I walked out the house I ended up on the phone. I walked my warm up and did my stretches all on the phone. (I know talented right). I got of the phone and decided that I didn't want to do the same as I did last time so skipped to W3D1 normally when I finish my stretches I go straight into running which of course I did. The problem was because I had been on the phon
  3. 98% sugar free sounds intriguing, although does it have sweaters in it? Cos I have fribromyagia and can't have aspartame.
  4. Mea Mia I don't have any children at the moment so don't really understand but could hazard a guess as I'm like that whenever I see the nephews. I have just got myself a new water bottle that is 700 ml so I know that if I drink four of them a day I have had my 2lts or more. I am trying hard to achieve that. I have a flexi sports bottle that is 500 ml and am trying to drink that after my run. I cannot always manage it straight away but I get there in the end.
  5. The shower isn't a bad idea. I don't like teas either. I'm a hot chocolate kind of girl but I'm trying not to have as much sugar. Not that it's working very well as I'm proper addicted and crave the stuff. I'm sure it will get better as they say 'Fake it til you make it.'
  6. Coffee is good for you, unless you are drinking gallons of the stuff. Unfortunately I don't like coffee and I'm trying to give up fizzy drinks so no coke or anything like that. I will just have to keep pushing through. Thanks for the we encouragement. :-)
  7. So W2D2 done. It was harder than the other day but I think that was cos I did it in the morning. Half way round I realised that I hadn't had breakfast which really wont have helped. I went the long way round so that I could get to the gym at the end of my run. I had 1 repeat left which was ok and probably a good warm down after being on the machines. Today I did 2 lots of 10 reps or 2 min. Some of the machines are boring but hey ho. The last machine/ apparatus is one to do sit ups. After using it the other day my lower stomach has been hurting. That's understandable as I probably don't use
  8. Thanks guys it means a lot. Yep the app keeps drawing me back. Thanks Azatol, that is some interesting reading. I will finishing going through the site tomorrow but right now I need to get some sleep.
  9. So I made it. W2D1 I got up this morning with every intention to go for a run. Did I.... no I sat at my computer instead. I run a part time business and did somethings that I had been putting off so it wasn't all bad. After lunch I thought about my blog on here and how silly I would look if I didn't post my next day and look like I had given up. So i strapped on my shoes and stepped out the house. I did my 4 min walk warm up and then I paused I did more stretches than I did on my other runs. I did not have so much issue today which is fantastic and will stop me worrying about it. I run the
  10. So W1D3 done. We have the highs and lows of running. I feel great that I have done it. I felt that I could have done 90 secs jogging and 60 secs walking and not the other way round as it was. I did what it told me to do. On the lows I didn't feel like I was going much faster than walking. In fact I feel like I was a granny in a power walking class and the only thing that was missing was the dumbells in my hands. All I kept thinking was at least I am here giving it a go. The other big low was my shins hurt and my ankles, my right one in particular. I couldn't decide if it was cramp or a strai
  11. I hope it will catch me. Until then I will just keep going. Thanks everyone
  12. Thank you. Yes your right the beginning is the hardest. A few years ago I started the programme and got to week 3 before my phone broke and I had a phone that didn't have the memory to hold apps. Well any excuse not to exercise. I will get to the end.
  13. Hi all. My name is Siobhan Page so people call me spage. I do not normally write in forums but like someone else said if I write it down then hopefully it will keep me at it. I have titled this Oh man that was bad because it truly was. W1D1 was two days ago and I swore most of the way round. Everything hurt and I was panting so hard I thought I wasn't going to make it home. I feel ridiculous as 5 years ago I did not have a car and went everywhere on my bike. Up til a year ago I was ice skating two or three times a week, and not just a pootle but proper figure skating with jumps and spins. I
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