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  1. Thank you to you all. I've been silently following your progresses in the last few weeks and you gave me ,not only very useful tips , but also a huge amount of inspiration and the understanding that everything is possible and doable This is a great community
  2. Hello there, this morning I completed the scary week 5 day 3 and... I've nailed it ! I wasn't sure I could do it but once I started running I knew I could just go all the way to the end of 20 mins . This program really works, you just need to commit and enjoy. Just 6 months ago I was completing chemotherapy following a mastectomy for breast cancer. I was so weak that I couldn't lift my legs to climb stairs. One month after chemo I started to walk, first just at the end of the driveway and back , but little by little I started to regain energy and lose some weight. I weighted 95kg at the e
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