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  1. sorry title should have said .. can I 'still' run/walk?' (((doh)))).... hi All, basically last monday was really great .. I started on week 9, day 1, and completed it fine.. I finished abour 25 minutes from home though and got kinda cold getting back home. since then, on Wednesday I got a cold and didn't even have energy to move.. I have done nothing (but walking) since. I still don't feel 100% today but also want to go and do something.. would I make things worse if I go for run today? I am still very new to all of this but want to start getting myself up to 10km and am feeling r
  2. Hi I have taken some time but for past few months have been running a slow 5km..PB is 33mins...I want to start increasing distance but can only do 2 runs per week as a single mum..I've started doing body pump at home or walking to school with kids on other days and walked 16 miles yesterday yet running 10k makes me feel nervous...should I start at week 8...and just experiment with it..? I would like to do a10k in end of March..I am slightly asthmatic and aneamic (on iron tablets for that)and sometimes find my breathing seems so heavy..is breathing heavy normal ? .... also I'm not su
  3. Hi..I have already got myself up to 5km but want to do a10k run in March and don't know how to get the km up... I got the zenlab 10k on my phone and think I should start at week 9..is that about right..also it take s me 35 minutes too run 5k and week 9 seems to run for 30 so I won't be able to run the 5k or further distance...how do I use this app to help me improve?...I haven't got much of an idea where to start..thank you for your help:)
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