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  1. sorry title should have said .. can I 'still' run/walk?' (((doh)))).... hi All, basically last monday was really great .. I started on week 9, day 1, and completed it fine.. I finished abour 25 minutes from home though and got kinda cold getting back home. since then, on Wednesday I got a cold and didn't even have energy to move.. I have done nothing (but walking) since. I still don't feel 100% today but also want to go and do something.. would I make things worse if I go for run today? I am still very new to all of this but want to start getting myself up to 10km and am feeling really fed up .. or.. am I better off just going for a 45 min. walk instead? any advice would be great..xxx
  2. Hi I have taken some time but for past few months have been running a slow 5km..PB is 33mins...I want to start increasing distance but can only do 2 runs per week as a single mum..I've started doing body pump at home or walking to school with kids on other days and walked 16 miles yesterday yet running 10k makes me feel nervous...should I start at week 8...and just experiment with it..? I would like to do a10k in end of March..I am slightly asthmatic and aneamic (on iron tablets for that)and sometimes find my breathing seems so heavy..is breathing heavy normal ? .... also I'm not sure..I breath through my mouth when running should I now start training my self to use my nose? So..for lots to clarify xx
  3. Hi..I have already got myself up to 5km but want to do a10k run in March and don't know how to get the km up... I got the zenlab 10k on my phone and think I should start at week 9..is that about right..also it take s me 35 minutes too run 5k and week 9 seems to run for 30 so I won't be able to run the 5k or further distance...how do I use this app to help me improve?...I haven't got much of an idea where to start..thank you for your help:)
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