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  1. Just finished W5D1 - I felt really good today!!
  2. Hey margo0119, I started C25K and today I finished week 4. I had some painful moments when I was working on week 2 & 3 and it is always going to be tougher - look back at week 1, if you had to repeat that week it would have been much easier!! It's important to find the right shoes - usually after 700 km your shoes are worn out - so if you didn't change your shoes are old I suggest you change them. Try breathing in through your nose and exhaling through your mouth, and don't give in to changing your breathing pattern - if you feel like you have to breath faster then slow down your pace. Good Luck! Stay motivated
  3. Just finished W4D3 of the C25K - Halfway there!
  4. Hey everyone, I am 24 and out of shape. 3 years ago I could run 10K at 48 minutes but since then I have stopped training (my current job is too demanding). Because of that, I am having difficulties running 5K. I have started the C25K program and now I am at the end of the 4th week. My goal is to be able to run 10K at 45 minutes or less. I hope that I will succeed doing so in the near future. Hope this forum will prove helpful in times of need!
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