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  1. I started the 10k program and before finishing week two I felt some pain on the outer side of my left foot so I decided to stop before it got worse. The paincontinued for a few days and I was worried I might have a serious problem (although there was no inflammation or bruising) The pain wasn't terrible (3/10) and it only hurt when I put weight on it. A few days later I had to walk a lot around town running errands and it began hurting a lot but by the time I got home I felt no pain whatsoever. The next morning I woke up with some pain and after walking around it stopped again. Has that ever happened to you? Should I be concerned? I really want to get back to running because I was really enjoying it but I don't want to get injured.
  2. I started my first day today and I'm really excited about it! I would like to know when/if to eat before a run. I'm NEVER hungry in the morning so I either have an early lunch or a really light breakfast at about 10. I thing is that I want to run in the morning. Should I eat before? Maybe just a little bit of fruit or something like that (I don't want to run on a full stomach) or should I just wait to get home to have breakfast. (again, I'm barely starting so I'll probably have to change my eating schedule as the runs get longer, but what should I do for now? )
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