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  1. the first 5 weeks seem to be about endurance, not speed. When you hit week 6, it seems they want you to pick up the pace. I started doing this the first week of June. It's been 12 weeks, and I haven't even finished week 6 yet! But I've done days 1 & 2 in week six and haven't had to repeat! First week since week 1 I haven't had to repeat a day! I've gotten my lazy butt out there 3 days a week. Now a couple of times I had to stop my run after a few minutes because of pain in my foot once and hip once, and one day it just seemed like I was just unable to do much, but those days were few.
  2. Took me two weeks to complete week 3. Took me 3 and 1/3 weeks to complete week 4. Took me two tries to do week five day 1, but did day 2 in just one try, and did day 3 in just 2 tries! Jogging 20 minutes straight, and for about a 1 and 1/5 mile straight is huge considering I could barely run 3 minutes straight at the beginning of summer!
  3. Week four kicked my butt, but I did it! It took me three tries plus another day before I could complete the assignment, but I did it! Week five has been much easier so far. I did day one in two tries and day 2 in one try. This morning was Day, where I was supposed to run 20 straight minutes. I jogged 10 before I had to stop and walk 1 then jogged 4, walked 1.5 then jogged the remainder, so I jogged 17.5 out the 20 minutes, which I feel pretty good about. Signed up for a 5k two weeks from today. I know that unless I get some superhuman powers, I won't have finished C25K by then, but I kno
  4. it took me 3 1/3 weeks to finish week 4 (walk 5, jog 3, walk 1.5, jog 5, etc), but I did it. Being able to do that second 5 minute jog was a killer. I also had to repeat week 3. It took me two tries to finish day 1 of week five, and I did day 2 in one try. Trying day 3 tomorrow. Stay with it! I knew after week 2 I probably wouldn't finish this in 8 weeks, and am now on more of a 13 week schedule.
  5. I took your advice and did not worry about breathing through the nose. It seemed to help! Did 3/3, 5/5, 3/3 then ran 3/5 of the last "run" before I had to walk for 30 seconds or so before jogging the last 85 seconds. Did not wheeze like had had been! I think I'm now on track to finish week 4 on Friday and start week 5 monday!
  6. Had to call a mulligan on today's training. About a minute into the first 5 minute jog, I had to come to a complete stop for reasons out of my control and could not start running again until about a minute later. I do need to work on breathing. I'm literally wheezing when I have to stop during the second five minute jog interval. As I said before, I had childhood asthma, but haven't had an episode since I was 6, 42 years ago. As far as repeating days and weeks being "normal," I don't buy that. If that were true, then wouldn't this program have been adjusted? Wouldn't it have been made
  7. finally managed to run 5 minutes straight! I did it on day 4 of week four. jogged, slowly, for both 3 minute intervals and five minutes for the first five minute interval. For the second 5 minute interval, I only lasted 90 seconds before I had to walk for a minute then jog again, walk then jog the last minute. Day 5 of week 4 was a carbon copy of Day 4. Day 6 I managed to jog about 2 minutes the last interval before having to walk. Tomorrow I'll be starting the week 4 training for the third straight week. If I was jogging any slower, I'd be walking. I run on a flat surface and am nev
  8. did day 3 of week 4 today. jogged 3/3 minutes then 2 min 40 seconds/ 5 before I had to walk a bit. Then 2 forty again/3 then about 2 30/5 before I had to walk. Not even close to running 5 minutes non-stop. Ugh I knew week 4 would be a struggle and I'd may have to repeat and I am. I started C25K 5 weeks ago, and I'm going to stick with it, (heck, I'm even going to run in New Orleans on Wed when I'll be there for a visit and be surrounded by delicious food, a lot of it fried, and many delicious libations! My goal now is to run a 5K on labor day which is 8 weeks away. I hope I can finish this p
  9. "you want to make sure your legs are in such a position that your foot lands directly over your toes." What the heck does that mean?
  10. If I go to the forum page on the app, I'm stuck there. I can't get back. A couple of times I accidentally clicked on it while I was training. I had to stop, turn the phone completely off, and reopen the app. How do you get out of the forums and back to the home page?
  11. I run in the mornings. I live in the deep south, so in the summer, the heat index is in the high 90s by 10 am and triple digits by noon. I wake up between 5:30 -6:15. Have a banana, drink some coffee then start hydrating. I have a tablespoon of honey and some salt prior to leaving the house or training. drink a sugar free sports drink (Vitamin Water Zero) during my run and continue to hydrate afterwards. I don't run. I jog and not a fast jog. I try to breathe in through the nose and exhale through the mouth and breath with the diaphram. I'm not tired prior to or after my runs. I may be wi
  12. I finally finished week 3 after two weeks. Started week 4 and didn't come close, so now it looks like I'm on track to repeat week 4 like I did week 3. I listen to music and don't check the time when I run. I only check the time after I stop running to see how much I fell short of the set goal. . I'm looking at at least 10 weeks to finish this if not 13 weeks. I have yet to miss a day. I go out 3 times a week and have done so since i started. Now I'm 48 and weighed 190 when I started and was out of shape, so I'm obviously an outlier. If a lot of people couldn't do this in 8 weeks, I'm sure
  13. I don't run, I jog slowly. Today I jogged for both 90 second intervals and the first three minute interval then only did 2 minutes 10 seconds of the second 180 second interval, which is my best day yet. I don't eat much before I jog/walk. I have a banana, coffee, sports drink, and a tablespoon of honey and some salt. I sip on a sports drink while I walk. I usually go jogging an hour or 90 minutes after I wake up. Today was the only day I started to cramp. It was on the last jog. Going to try again Friday to finish week 3!
  14. I had no problems with weeks 1 & 2, but week three is kicking my butt! I could not jog a full 3 minutes once in any of the three days of week 3, so I restarted today. I did finally jog 3 minutes, but it was downhill after that. I couldn't even do the 90 second jog, and couldn't do even 2 minutes of the second 3 minute jog. I'm going to try again Wednesday. Any tips on how to increase my stamina and get closer to week 4? I'm no closer now than last monday!
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