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  1. Thats how my dad did his 2 halfs and one full he was never in it for the time just to prove he could do them and that was back way before the first car phones or beepers you read books and magazines to learn what to do and how to train no apps
  2. lol that figures you are a running glutton
  3. thats nice to know i will be doing w5d2 in the morning
  4. i may buy one if the old thing dad gave me from his running days fails me i was so warm on that cold run but the inside of my nose hurt so bad it took some of the fun out of it. Any way i walked today with a few little jogs thrown in nothing long or fast and it was just to warm we hit 55 by the time i was done Now im more worried about summer running than winter
  5. I thought Jeshi did finish the program and is deciding what to do next. Whatever you do Jeshi do it safely and smartly and as methodically as you have been.
  6. Whishing you all the best of luck. Go slow repeat runs if you need to. Rest days between run days is good advice gives muscle time to heal you can strength train on non run days. I learned a lot from reading a lot of the posts on these forums Welcome back to running
  7. oh my hope knee holds up. nice run you did !so glad not to have to do hills yet we mostly flat here
  8. i love when that nice voice says i'm half way done
  9. i love when that nice voice says i'm half way done
  10. yea second time i did that still going through the program and trying to improve my time
  11. rest your back and run Sunday or monday if u need to
  12. we all win in this race to good health
  13. i did and im only up 1 pound so back to my 130 that i have been on scince april
  14. mine is in my belly but it may be puffiness from having my tubes tied
  15. should do on non running days
  16. love this food day im 1708 cal over my daily
  17. i count that as goal met congrats to you so happy enjoy rest of your thanksgiving
  18. im having fun with following this post go guys go
  19. Hey CeCe way to go im 51 just finished w5d1 we can do this. you will lose some weight and you will get off the meds i have a good feeling about it. Please add diet changes and strength training excersizes also
  20. w5d1 done and piggy backed on the end with bit of running through cool down and warm up was a repeat of w2d1 so for a total ofv3.7 miles in about an hr at one point map my run said split time 2 miles per hr. Anyway it was a good run vasaline kept my face warm a scarf kept the inside of my nose warm but i just cant breath whith scarves on even just walking around i need to find a way to keep the inside of my nose from being so painfull in the cold. feeling good and happy and hungry going for some peanut butter flax and semi sweet choc chips
  21. my dad always ran in running shoes without sox in the summer dont see why you cant walking shoes i think bend diff from running and i think where the shock absorbing is is different. If you could go to a running store and get properly fitted sock less that would be ideal. I bet in florida lots of people go sock less gois job on week 4d2 im about to start week five if i could stop stalling it is only 31 out on long island ny
  22. Hey Wendell have fun on your run today I will be checking my phone looking for an update
  23. good question Ruthie hey Azatol inquiring minds want to know
  24. gearing up to start week 5 sometime this morning
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