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  1. this plan of yours will work good choice Welcome please post on your progress so i can cheere you on im on week 5 and having fun i couldnt even run for 1 min when i started my longest jogg so far has been 13 min
  2. wow Sean good job. and rest that leg
  3. Hey! way to go! Speedingsloth. I'm hopping to do my 20 min tomorrow glad to hear you did it way to go hope the back behaves if no listen to Ruthie
  4. yay week 2 i feel like dancing for you and slow and steady at any age is the way to start Thats how the tortise beat the hare
  5. I forgot to add there is a great good bunch of people willing to help and cheere for you on these forums that no a lot of stuff
  6. I hate when things go wrong a re do will make you feel better but hey you persevered.!!
  7. just made the connection some time tomorrow im going to do that 20 min jogg lol looking foward to it just wish it fell out on a day off wish we werent short staffed or i would take half a personal day.
  8. MOLD IS WILD ALL OVER i can smell it when i run. Welcome 5 kids God bless you I did 2 and that was almost to much for me. I am going to tell you to slow down when you do the run parts also run only 3 times a week with rest days between. On rest days do strength training or core excersizes to help make the running easier. There is info all over the internet on things to do in your own home no equipment needed but a chair and or a wall. If you have not done it yet go to a running shop not a big sports store and get fitted for shoes. Keep posting and have fun I was 5ft5in and 165 when i started my life style change i am now stuck at 130 goal is 125 so running is my new adiction. post your progress i am cheering you on
  9. Nash The only thing i know about loose skin is that it is very expensive to fix. I wouldnt worry about that now. you are young enough and will have plenty of time to raise money for that after you get trimmed down and healthy. Go slow with running and with life style changes.swap out small bad habbits for good healthy ones a little at a time. I hope you are doing this with a drs help or that you can afford a nutritionists help. Welcome to running. Cant wait to read how your first run goes. Just go slow the jogg part is supposed to be slower than the walk part.
  10. hey some baby updates and some running updatez would be nice where is everyone at after this Holiday
  11. hey some baby updates and some running updatez would be nice where is everyone at after this Holiday
  12. it means 6.5 hrs to do 26 miles not very fast at all
  13. My fave t shirt a woman with an overflowing book bag and a stack of books in her hands and another at her feet the words read so many books so little time. I know Azatol thinks the thorlos are no good but they helped eliminate some blisters i was developing and i got a try a pair free deal 4.99 ship and handling fee I also have a very thick pair of mens champions that i wear and because i go barefoot at home wear chineese slippers at work and either crocks flip flops or ballete flats those are the only pairs of sox i own
  14. wishing u a good run then
  15. wishing u a good run then
  16. Anne Lang

    Day 1

    read the Panda chronicles in accountability. You can do this some people repeat a day untill they can do all of it . There are things you can do for shin splints Wendell is right go find a running store not a big sports store but a running store where they will fit you properly for a good pair of shoes.Welcome we are here for you
  17. how i wish i could spend money the way he does
  18. i like my thorlos they had a try a free pair deal just pay shipping and handling i want more but at 15$ a pair that is beyond me now i realy want a merino wool blend kind GOOD JOB on the run
  19. as my weight comes down i feal cold at night but rest of the time im short sleves thin pants whatever any way dose moving boxes in and out of walk in closet to get all Christmas stuff into my family room count as strength training cause i am definitely not getting any formal work out done today
  20. nice my thermostat is messed up for past 22 yrs after first kid im never cold heat humidity uhggg
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