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  1. yay! I am dancing for you yay!
  2. not doing to much of anything to far away from a ladies room maybee thursday
  3. Ruthie you are a woman with a family. Make running a date like you plan time with hubby running is not a chore.
  4. You go Jeshi! and I always like Azatol's advice.
  5. Linita&I there is nothing wrong with just running in the time frame and worry about speed another day.
  6. LOL he is putting a whamy on you. Hey if it is the free version you have nothing to lose but space on your phone.
  7. Thanks. I have not run or excersized since. Health issues and work issues have gotten in the way. I havn't even gone for a short walk! (sigh)
  8. Work not weather has gotten in my way. Running on weekends. Sad your little one was sick glad you found an indoor thing to do. I like your plan hope the weather works out for you.
  9. Well The app starts with a 5 min walk so put on those shoes, pretend they are walking shoes and you are going for a walk. Have some music playing and when you hear run for one min give it a try. It is only 60 sec. At least you will get a nice walk in. Make a deal with yourself if I do day one i get to go?? Make it something special to you.
  10. Please keep posting. Good job finishing the app no go for time.
  11. Sorry Jeshi I missed a post. Yes I was thorlos and cold nose. My dad gave me his silk hat/running mask. It works great and I agree with Ruthie I just try to keep my head up, my breath steady, and move. Some day I will get as advanced as you! Just keep moving.
  12. Jeshi you sound like you feel fitter and healthier. Are you having fun? Is everything your doing helping you? Then that is all that matters. Not some wonky numbers on a scale.
  13. Velociraptors oh my! Maybe I can run faster now. There is that nice high you get after a good run. It is almost the same as eating chocolate.
  14. I need more memory for my phone if I am going to track properly. Thanks guys for sharing the information.
  15. Kelly Anne yes, the pro version of 5 k app. Just tap the big circle to review the run you have highlighted. Highlighte days by swiping left or right on the bottom of the screen. I do have an LG android phone. I get distance calories and time.
  16. I like what Sean said. Go for it! You can do it!
  17. and just like that 20 min run trust in the science of the app. you are ready for this your body is ready shut your mind off and run
  18. Good luck on getting back in shape treat your knees kindly and have fun
  19. yay cece welcome 49er i did w6d3 today just go with the program and you will get there oh and im 2 pounds away from goal
  20. w6d3 done it was hard i got stich in my side right away in first min of running but i did it all i didnt stop
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