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  1. so once in a while i take 4 2&1/2 pound weights and put them on my scale then i re calibrate for ten pounds. yes my scale is not didgital i dont trust those. used one at work and every time u got on or off the number changed. Ruthie is right also put the cotton sox away do not use for running. Im not sure if my running shoes have that hole or not but i am not going out to the car in my jammies to look. Chin up Jeshi how do your clothes feel. How do you feel. what does the tape measure say. and could be muscle gain
  2. I like everyone's advice congrats on dropping the soda great choice choosing running. if you can do the nutritionist thing on non running days do some other excesizes i.e. core/strength training. You can google or try other apps zen even has some keep us upto date
  3. Told you Azatol would know thanks Azatol i was to lazzy to find where you posted that info before.Good luck Smarge117
  4. oolong tea has cured my eczema and i do about 65-70 oz of water a day plus 16 of tea and eight of coffee and i filter my water woth brita
  5. know any one on long island ny who wants to work in a day care that pays very little that would make things so easy. I think im going to have to wake up a bit earlier and go out before my daughters alarm goes off
  6. way to go on the run thing and i hear you on the weight thing maintaining will have to do i decided feeling healthier is what is my main priority although for vanity those last 5 pounds would be nice
  7. oh my what a story. This is a fun way to get gently back into running. Stay determined and you will succeed. go slow speed in unimportant right now endurance is Welcome and have fun
  8. Im 51 and only on c25k week 6 Read some posts by Azatol i think he has posted on speed im going to finish c25k and then just keep trying to go faster
  9. well no early shift today. reg time in but that means i take daughter to school did not know week6 day 1 is a 40 min thing did not have time so even thoough i started it i did not finish but it felt like a good run looks like im not getting home till after 6 for the next few weeks if im going to get runs in i. have to fig something else out
  10. lol jeshi me 2 tried run before work today did a run but not w6d1 ran out of time to finish last 2 segments.. I cant drop my daughter off at school any earlier and no break today and overtime to boot no run tonight
  11. nice goal wishing you well
  12. Anne Lang

    Day 1

    all you day oners how did it go
  13. Azatol Great new on the knee yay go enjoy your runs. Linita&I you just made the connection that running is an addiction yay for you and great job on your runs how is the shin now. Oh and i teat running the way I treat bowling you just want to better your last time out.
  14. i like my shift better. maybee you will have enough energy to run between shifts
  15. i like my shift better. maybee you will have enough energy to run between shifts
  16. Anne Lang

    Day 1

    slow down your running pace it is ok to jog slower than you walk read up on how to breath while running. Great job on getting day one done post your progress
  17. im going blue tooth as soon as ups delivers it some time in jan. meantime my LG android phone goes in a old fashioned fanny pack or a zippered jacket pocket my headphone wires just dangle from my ears. i tried in jacket and under shirt it all tugs anyway. I only catch wires with my hands if im crossing the midline and we not supposed to do that anyway.
  18. Love running also the key is do somthing on non running days that will make your running stronger. You will blow past where you were before in no time enjoy
  19. love your story you go !! post on your continued successes
  20. i preffer my veggies raw carrots spinache letuce green beans broccoli cauliflower onec in a while dip in a little ranch as a treat or sprinkle with grated parmesan
  21. I hate covering other shifts did 9 and half hrs today with only 30 min break
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