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  1. I hate when apps f... up. Many years ago when commputers were being born the saying was garbage in garbage out. I hate math also and this sounds like a math homework problem hey great job on running further in the same time frame you should ignore the app and jump for joy
  2. it will that stuff is warm i just hate when my fingers hurt
  3. oh boy that is some ambition have fun and good luck have you ever used those little hand warmer things that heat up when u activate them my fingers sometimes get very painfull when they get to cold has not happend while running yet for now im using $store texting gloves. mittens keep fingers warmer cause they all together except the thumb
  4. i will start my run at about 70% & when im done im around 40% I have a 1.5yr old LG android phone. I run c25k map my run and i heart radio i put my phone in my pocket with everything running my phone screen is set to time out after 3 min everything keeps going and i have no accidental calls or app shut offs
  5. thats a nice run and good news on no discomfort where were your gloves . Not sure how cold ill let it get before i say no way so far my coldest run was 30
  6. Welcome Rebecca hope your back heals well hope you take up running with drs advice go slow and enjoy 20 pounds should come off nice if you follow a healthy eating plan as well keep us posted on your progress.
  7. lol on the glasses and now i get your plan. rest that back and relax your head maybe you were to tight in the way you held it up had to give up wearing my glasses at work because lookin down at the babbies made me dizzy with my no line bifocals so i get that
  8. yes you do so i can read what a great runn it was and how good you felt and how much you love running
  9. w6d2 done and i think against my better judgment im going to do d3 tomorrow so if work interfears im not to far behinde
  10. me neither once in a while when i just wake up ill have to get up but i try and move very little till my reg 5 wake up time Teen slept in till noon i guesse she needed that stay home time i dread her monday night when she has all that make up work to do
  11. wind and hill to much for me so you do it over any time it is windy i cover my ears with a hat or old headband and baseball cap if my ears are cold i cant run so do a do over i bet it will be very easy cause running into the wind is so hard
  12. hey slow down so you dont get hurt .Over use injuries are not fun. I thought you were following a gradual plan
  13. Anne Lang

    day 1.

    the more you try the better you WILL get slow your running down. Try counting to 4 as you breath in and 4 as you breath out. Next run you will be less winded
  14. sounds like a good one go for it and i hate when my phone or apps act up when im running it depresses me
  15. welcome Angie the wedding post is official with 2 brides to b keep us posted enjoy your runs ask questions
  16. do week 5 dont wait go for it
  17. so my teen needed a sleep in day didnt need drive her to school i got w6d1 done yay
  18. Rob what time do you get to.bed at night
  19. are you getting up earlier to fit the run in. Are you eating enough carbs and protiens. Have you had your iron levels tested. Some times after a long walk or a hard run this happens to me. It depends where i am in my cycle and how well i slept the night befor
  20. earlier would mean 4:30. but my boss said we hiring 2 replacements and the one coworkers maternity leave ends she will be back on monday so i may just do little jogs till then
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