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  1. Hey Sean Been running steady three four times a week most weeks (except for this week when I have been two tired to get up twice :-( Five is my go to run, which I run most of the time, and on the weekends, I will run a longer run depending on my mood, 7 or 10k. The 10 just kind of happened to me, I wasn't planning on it :-) Anyway, read your thread... glad you are back to it, and hope your wife gets home soon.
  2. Hey Sean Two kids alone is difficult... good for you for getting back at it :-) .
  3. Yay Natcatvet!!! of course you'll finish it! time doesn't matter. Once you hit the distance, you can start working on time. I am sure you'll be brilliant.
  4. Long time since my last post... still running, though. I came on here to check when I completed 5k for the first time....it seems like I have been running for a really long time, but in reality, it's only about 10 weeks since I first did 5ks. Anyway, yesterday I ran 10k (not a race, just the distance) for the first time. I am quite pleased with myself...Would never have believed I would ever make this distance...
  5. You sound like me when I was younger... my teens were pure hell... but here I am, some 30 years later, and I have to tell you that life only gets better and easier... so keep that in mind. As far as the app goes - I also had it on my phone for the longest time before I worked up the courage to start it... and once I did I couldn't figure out what took me so long. Just go for it. Put on a playlist that makes you want to dance and just go running. It's not hard physically, especially if you are in your teens... you don't have to overthink it because it's all planned out... you just have to follow the instructions and show up three times a week. just do it.
  6. I have seen all sorts of gear - belts, camel pouches (I think they are called...) but personally, running in the heat I would rather hold the bottle than have it on my back.
  7. You won't undo everything by not running for three days.... running if 40C is madness... I am debating what I will do when summer comes around here... If I were you and that was the weather for the next few days I would purposefully run shorter runs and make sure not to over extend myself... that kind of heat is dangerous to run in.
  8. Just keep going... it will get better and easier and the soreness will disappear (assuming that it is muscle pain from exercising)
  9. I don't really know, but it makes sense to train in the same conditions you race in so at least once a week do your run a little later and see if you can deal with the heat... also... carry a water bottle so that you can drink while you run, and also give yourself a spray to cool down.
  10. I think the secret with not getting hungry with fibrous foods is drinking a lot of water so that the fibers swell in your belly, preventing the sensation of hunger. Good for you on keeping the strength training up. I have yet to incorporate that in my schedule.
  11. Yay! and we're back! So today I ran my first 5k (not race, just the distance). My running buddy is back running with me after being sick for about 10 days, so it was nowhere near anything you could possible call fast... but we are going to run 5 k a few times now until we can cut the speed a bit... then we might incorporate speed intervals or something else to make it more interesting. We have changed our route from doing laps around the same street to splitting the laps between our street and the one below with the steep hill, just to add some interest.
  12. Sorry to say, its probably a combinations... I am 48 and out of shape... but more so in my legs than in my lungs it seems. Also, you did a 5k in 33 minutes... I would say that's pretty d-m good
  13. Run the time. Ignore the miles for now. build endurance and later work on the distance.
  14. That's fantastic. I started walking and then I started the app. Do what you can and don't stop.
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