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  1. Wendell

    Cheap headphones?

    Wow for $8, I'm going to try them out for sure! Thanks!
  2. Georgia, good for you getting started!! That's usually the hardest part. Was for me anyway. That's the best thing about this app, it constantly challenges and pushes you, and there are a million people cheering you on! I usually run religiously every other day M-F and sometimes Sunday's, so I'll check in on you often :-) You got this!
  3. Wendell

    New start

    Christi, you'll get there! Running was always so hard for me, but the farther along in this app I got, the more I craved it. The gym closed yesterday before I got off work so I couldn't run, and it's driving me crazy! Stay with it, you'll be glad you did.
  4. Wendell

    Week 5 day 2

    Jake, first of all, great job! Breezes is right on though, pace is everything. Focus on your breathing, music, anything other than how much time you have left to go. Mileage doesn't matter, endurance does right now. This app is crazy how it works, just trust in it. You'll amaze yourself! Good luck, you can do this!
  5. Wendell


    Rob, I did those for a couple of weeks and man do you feel it! I've since begun the 10k app, but I'm still varying my speeds since I'm doing it on a treadmill. I'm hoping for faster 5k times while still working up to a 10k.
  6. Wendell

    Cheap headphones?

    Which wireless ones Kelly? I'm interested in those as well, but they're expensive! I'd hate to spend that much on something I don't like. And I sweat a lot....like, Erin out my shirt a lot.
  7. Wendell

    Cheap headphones?

    I like some Sony's MDRA S200 active earbuds. They have the clip for over your ear, are durable (because I'm the worlds hardest person on earbuds), and sound great for the cost. They're $13.48 on Amazon.
  8. Wendell

    Post your Workout for Today Here!

    KC, try the next one anyway. I moved on a couple times when I didn't kill the previous one, and surprised myself when I was able to do it.
  9. Wendell

    Post your Workout for Today Here!

    I did w8d3 last night, so have finished!! I'm going to keep working on my 5k times until I get them where I want them. Endurance first, speed later. Well, speed is now for me. Great job everyone!!
  10. Wendell

    3rd Attempt

    PS, worry about speed later. Endurance is the key this time through. Stay with it, it really works!
  11. Wendell

    3rd Attempt

    Some days are like that, others you feel like you are dominating this. Day 2's were always hard for me, didn't matter what week. I'm 44, but like to pretend I'm 24 :-)
  12. Wendell

    Week 4 Day 1- I'm Stuck

    Way to get it done!! I hit my wall during this program more than once, believe me. In in the 5k phase of it right now, and at 2.5 miles, I wanted just walk, just for a minute. But I know if I do, because I have before, it's just not the same so I push through. It really is 80% mental, at least.
  13. Wendell

    Halfway there and Haven't Quit Yet!

    I quit last October 30th, so about 14 months ago. I'm always looking for excuses...anything other than, hey! You're 44 and out of shape lol!!
  14. Wendell

    Halfway there and Haven't Quit Yet!

    Way to go Ruthie!!! It was really nice here yesterday (in the low 60's) so I was able to thankfully abandon the treadmill and do w8d2 outside. Around our block is exactly 3.3 miles, so I decided to run the whole thing, and I actually did it! I struggled though. 2.5 miles seems to be my wall. I'm going to keep working at it though. Lung capacity is a big problem I think. 20 years of smoking will do that to a person :-/