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  1. We're here for each other! If you'd like, you can strength train/cross-train on your rest days. Squats and lunges don't require extra equipment, but are good for warming up your legs. Foam rolling after warm and then stretching are good ideas, too. I'm not sure about the Garmin, sorry.
  2. Yay! How did your run go, Sean?
  3. Awesome, Orlando! Cheering for you!
  4. Sorry for this delayed reply. Your runs should ideally be slow and easy. Most of the world's elite runners train at a slow pace to allow themselves to run further and run for a longer time. Your pace should be comfortable. As long as you continue to run, your body body will get stronger and the runs will get easier. Try to run at a pace you feel like you can maintain indefinitely. This will keep you from feeling miserable and prevent injury while building bone and strengthening your muscles.
  5. I don't do detoxes in the traditional sense (with pills or only drink/eat this one thing). I maintain a continuous detox by drinking green smoothies most mornings. If I feel like eating something solid in the morning, sometimes I will drink these for lunch. I rotate my greens: 4 cups of kale, swiss chard, spinach, romaine lettuce. I'll add up to a cup of each fruit depending on how sweet I want it to taste: pineapple, mango, or one banana. 1 tablespoon of black chia seeds. 2 cups of rice milk (extra cup of water, if desired). I also add a scoop of rice protein powder which keeps me fuller and makes this smoothie a great morning, post-run recovery drink. I also add 2 drops of grapefruit seed extract (although I'm not sure I've been seeing benefits from it, so I may cut it out or use it up). I buy frozen pineapple and mango, so that works as the "ice" component in the drink. I run it in the vitamix and after everything is going, I pour in the protein powder. Note: the protein powder has a slight taste/smell like uncooked oatmeal. It'd been nice to consider that before purchase, but the added fullness I feel is worth keeping it in my drink. Bottoms up for your health!
  6. Hey, Speedingsloth, how are your runs going?
  7. Shenanwall, how did Week 1 Day 1 go?
  8. Anne, how are you doing? Are you still swamped at work?
  9. AWeJo, you are doing great! 15,000 steps is a lot. There's no need to be embarrassed. I hear you on the arch pain. I had so much arch and foot pain when I first started. I also couldn't run. I ended up doing jogging motions and was still in place no matter how much I tried to lean at my ankles. It takes time! I stayed with the program and managed my intake (not too MUCH, and not too LITTLE) and my body composition started changing. It took a while before the weight went down, but the lessened foot and arch pain was one of the first things I noticed (after lessening of shin pain).
  10. Rebecca, try recording your run with MapMyFitness or MapMyRun (not sure how they differ from MapMyWalk -- is there a speed limitation-- but, the other two apps I mentioned have worked for me). You can start them when you start your warmup from c25k/ZenLabsApp or when you start your run.
  11. Go, Ruthie!!! The first 5k run is SOOO exciting!!!!
  12. Welcome, Qiana. So glad you can join us. Take a breath and jump into Week 1 Day 1. Let us know how it went!
  13. Go, Caz! You're doing great!
  14. Free2bme, glad you are sticking with it and asking questions. Question are great! From reading your posts, I would recommend repeating Week 1. 1. How fast do you guys walk the walking part? Do you speed walk? Walk at a comfortable pace. Pretend you are in the house and need to go to the grocery store. Walk the same pace you would normally walk to your car. (Not speed walking, not leisurely stroll). 2. I feel like the w2d1 i struggled and walked the run. [...] Im wondering if the next one will suck or if i can do it comfortably. This program was designed to start your body running. When you repeat a week until it feels comfortable to you, you're using the program to help you. When you follow the "Weeks" in the program on a timetable and struggling, not only does it lead to frustration and misery, but also injury. You are not less because you repeat. Your body is improving each time you run (whether you advance in program or not). tldr; whether you run the next workout or repeat one, your body is still improving. The difference is that repeating reduces your chance of injury and gives you a confidence boost of mastery. 3. In the last nine days ive run every other day. Should i put more days in between? Try Day 1 Run, Day 2 Rest, Day 3 Run, Day 4 Rest, Day 5 Run, Day 6 Rest, Day 7 Rest. P.S. glad you resolved the weight-on-the-right-foot thing. I had that same issue when I started. While that's no longer the case, I still have to remind myself to move my left leg/foot closer to my body when I run.
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