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  1. most of us when starting out had to repeat workouts so no worries there you moved for 30 min. way to go keep posting and keep running
  2. yay CeCe im doing a jig for you you only 2 days behind me and im working 9 and half hr shifts with only half hr break i get the time crunch thing
  3. i did add some weights recently .just ten pounds each hand. im trying to add more core things slowly
  4. yes lunges squats planks crunches i looked up how to on internet also zen labs has apps and if you troll through a lot of the posts people post excersizes for various things. I do squots and lunges(backwards ones) i also do chair dips i got out of a book my teen tought me just a straight crunch and plank they do in gym there are other crunches and planks also i started real slow 5 reps each for week or 2 then 20 then 15 i have not gone above 30 reps it takes to long
  5. thanks speedy im guessing you are a game player i had fun and want to do it again today
  6. yay jeshi good for you you will fix the issues with gait and breathing
  7. a light rain can be relaxing if it isnt to cold out and it could have been snow. I looked ahead to the next runs they seem like some real challenges. so good for you i am going to work on just the length of time first then try and get the distance into that time at the end Yay Ruthie you are progressing so well
  8. I am 51 and have 2 lids 22 and 14 i also neglected myself for a long time. This getting healthy and working full time is hard but i enjoy the time to myself. My mom is verry over weight and this has caused a lot of back and knee issues. She has arthritis to boot. I told my kids you have to help around the house more so i can have 30 min a day to either go run or to strength train.If i can do it you can do it. Welcome to running. go slow go get fitted for the right shoes at a real running store it makes a big difference. Keep posting that helps too.
  9. thx guys yes i actualy woke up still excited but today is not a running day today is strength day i want to run it again
  10. have fun go slow go get fitted at a proper running store for the right shoes for you if you have been excersizing alteady thats a good thing to do on non running days i hope some is strength training. Welcome and i would enjoy reading about your progress
  11. in injuries there is a thread 5 tip to dealing with plantars fasciitis. Looks helpful
  12. dont like thst your ache is back glad you resting it
  13. I am no expert on your health issues but i have learned that it is best to go to a running store not a big sports chain store and have them evaluate the way you walk and move they will be able to fit you properly for the right shoes for your condition. If you follow the 3x a week you should avoid injuries and the right shoes will help. It has also been recommended that on non running days you strength train simmple things that you can learn off the internet and do at home know equipment needed. there are a lot of posts on injuries and what to do and how to prevent. there are even knee excersizes you can do to make your kneese stronger and as you loose weight your kneese legs and feet should feel better. My other advice is to breath and run slow repeat workouts if needed. Have fun and post progress
  14. tamap19 welcome there are a few of us in this ahe range and some older even congrats on week one down keep it going and keep in touch
  15. week 10 week 11 oh man i got a long way to go try and find where eles your diet needs tweeking more veggies more protien less salt less sweets. Nerd Fitness Yoga sounds good
  16. Thanks Ruthie I felt better about an hr after i got to work think the Christmas decorations stired up some alergie issues. I did get w5d3 done this evening as the sun was going down this overtime and short lunches messing up my stuff but i did it i think i could have kept going but knew i needed to walk a bit before heading in
  17. i find it easier in the cold i got out in time drove home at an unsafe speed and got w5d3 done yay 20 min of running non stop felt good then it got dark i just made it
  18. yay caz1025 So excited for you
  19. w5d3 done but my weight still at 130 im fine with that it may just be that is where im meant to be i need new clothes though everything is to big
  20. It will Rob and great job winged feet you picked a great app Welcome.Kelly Ann sorry to hear about your foot keep doing whatever you can to stay fit and i hope you have a supper fast recovery
  21. Anne Lang

    Day 1

    it helps and you are doing great
  22. Week 1 day 2 down you are on a roll
  23. went to bed early had good night sleep woke verry congested and to a text from boss come in early so no pre work run hope lunch works but if we down another girl im no counting on it
  24. only if work eases up we have been short staffed so not enough break time and if i cant leave before it gets late i promised people not to run alone in the dark bad things have been happening to runners and walkers wish i had a dog or running buddy
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