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  1. Week 3 is complete. Joints hurt a little bit. But they did the first time around also. This forum seems quieter than it did last year. How's everyone's progress
  2. Well horrible sore throat, stuffy nose and cough. Atleast I would rather have it in the beginning of the program. Not in the middle or end. W3d2 tomorrow no matter what
  3. Last time I made it all the way to week 8 day 3 and just stopped. Feel horrible about it due to all the lost. My wife shipped off for the military and I have my two kids all to my self. So didn't really have time to run. Now I am making time. I'm on week 3 day 2. Going to finish this time no matter what. And make running a permanent part of my life. I also have goals to enlist in the army when she gets back from basic training and AIT
  4. And I downloaded the 10k app. Going all the way this time
  5. And I downloaded the 10 app. Going all the way this time
  6. Jeshi. My wife shipped off for the army and I had my kids to look after all by myself. I quit running up until 2 weeks ago. I just finished week 2. I'm not stopping this time. I didn't technically quit lol. But here we go again. How are u doing
  7. OK so my work schedule is going back to normal now. So it looks like it's been 20 days since my last run. Tomorrow morning I'm going to go out and see how far I can run and that will determine which week I go back to. This journey is not over for me
  8. I haven't ran since my last post. I still get on and read though. Work has been nuts. On 30 minute break right now. Good thing is I still have room hustle pretty hard running back and forth at work. So I take advantage of it. Not getting winded anymore. Saturday morning going to hit w8d1. Good job on finishing ruthie. I am by no means quiting
  9. Follow the program and you will be more than happy. I could barely run 60 seconds when I started. Never have been a runner. I am now a firm believer in this app and interval training. Now I can run 30 minutes. Don't give up. Try your best. Repeat weeks if you need to. Just ask any questions you need to. Lots of friendly people here to answer
  10. Cool. Thanks for the encouragement azatol
  11. So weird how one day it's easy and the next it's hard again. I need a redo. Walked about 2 minutes halfway into it...I think I may have picked up the pace on accident now that I think about it
  12. I'm heading out in a few minutes
  13. I'm heading out in a few minutes
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