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Week 4, Day 1 (Speedy version)


I failed it.... I have reduced the incline from 3% to 2.5%, I took longer walks after second and third run and yet I could not complete last 5 min run with 6.5mph speed

Took 1.2mi walk before and after workout.

The workout itself was:   walks - 3.8mph, 4% incline; runs - 6.5mph, 2.5% incline.

I was able to complete workout by walking last 3min from 5min run :angry:

Total time 1h 15min, 5.2 miles.


Then I did little "math". Here is %% increase in running time in descending order:


From......To ..........Increase

W3D3 -  W4D1     78%  !!! :o

W5D2 - W5D3      25%

W6D3 - W7D1      14%

W1D3 - W2D1      12.5%

W7D3 - W8D1      12%


Even if I count additional 2min runs, I was doing all week 3, it still be 45% increase in running time.

There is also -10% drop in run time from W5D3 to W6D1

I felt that Week 3 was on the border of current strength.

I think I will either repeat Week 3 or construct some intermittent week to help me prepare for week 4.


"Defeat doesn’t finish a man -- quit does."
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... I love your quote!!! ...

To bad that this quote of tricky Dicky :D

Yesterday I did not feel to run at all, I was still tired from previous day at the gym.


But I walked:

1.1 mile - 21min, 2.5% incline (barefoot)

4 miles - 1h 3min, 4% incline.


I am still recovering mentally after last Monday defeat.... I hate this as much as I like making my goals. :angry:

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Day 3 week 10 ran 4 miles. Tomorrow I'm moving on to 4.25 miles

Catherine, you doing great! I wish I could run too.


Week 1 Day 2 on the books. Monday will be Day 3. I didn't way for a particular day to start. I downloaded, put on my shoes and went for it.

That is way to do it!


My left ankle and right cramping calf did not let me run on Friday and today.  I went for walking.


1h 21min - 5 miles, average incline is 3%

Last 2 miles were 4mph and last mile I was doing with  5% incline.

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  • 2 weeks later...

As I found out I am not ready to do week 4 with chosen tempo: Runs: 6.5mph, 3%; Walks: 3.8mph, 4%

On another hand the Week 3 was quite easy. Apparently 78% increase in running time is too much for me.


After 10 days of break from running (ankle problem, but I did not stop walking all days)

I constructed for myself Week3.5:  4 repeats 3min run, 2 min walk and of course standard 5 min walks before and after


Monday: (1.5mi walk before workout)

    All Walks 3.5mph, 2.5% incline. All runs 6mph, 2% incline
    Walk 5 min
    3 x (Run 3 min, walk 2 min)
    Run 5 min, walk 2
    Walk 6 min


Tuesday: (1mi walking before workout.)
    5min -  - 3.6mph,3.5%
    5 x (3min - 6.1mph,2%; 2min - 3.6mph,3.5%)
    5min -  - 3.6mph,3.5%

Friday (today):  (1.5mi walk before workout)

     All Walks 3.6mph, 3.5% incline. All runs 6.1mph, 2% incline

    Walk 5 min
    4 x (Run 3 min, walk 2 min)
    Walk 5 min


Week 3.5 is done! :)

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Ran my first official 5K last night in Austin Tx, a great first! Foam Glow 5K, was not officially timed but such fun! My timing was also so much better than my usual and what I expected by nearly 4 minutes !!!!. Especially for all the hills on this course. I guess running with a pack makes a difference in speed

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Catherine, good for you!


My workout today I called Week 3.5 Day 4 ;)

The goal is get myself to the week 4 with run speed 6.5 and 3% incline. This time I tried to increase incline:


17 min 1 mile walk before workout


5min - walk 3.6mph,2.5%
4 x (3min - run 6mph, 2min - walk 3.6mph) 2.5%
1min - run 7mph 1%
5min - walk 3.6mph,2.5%


I tried to do 6.1mph with 2.5 incline and it was to much for me.

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