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  1. udx1

    From 0 to marathon

    Ty hardloper. I completed my first 5k today in 30.57mins. Feeling good and ready for 10K now. Good luck with your progress.
  2. udx1

    From 0 to marathon

    Awesome. I am just back from W8D1, feeling very good. I get v nervous to begin the day but complete it with little push. Can't wait to finish my first 5k next week. Good luck!
  3. udx1

    Post your Workout for Today Here!

    I just completed W5D3, was so nervous on this day.. Finally able to make it. Feeling v good and exhausted.
  4. udx1

    Treadmill Speed

    I had this question on my mind always, I think there is no hard rule such. One should walk /run at their comfort level and improve from there. I started ealing at 3.0 and jogging at 5.0. Just completed W4D3 and improved to 3.6 and 5.5 speeds. In between I try 6.0 speed for 30 seconds to 1 minute to see if I am ready for next.
  5. udx1

    Completed Week 5 Day 3!

    Awesome story and accomplishments. Kudos duncsmart, you are truly an inspiration.
  6. udx1

    Hip pain

    Thanks Torus, it's very insightful
  7. udx1

    Hip pain

    It's probably due to piriformis muscle being stiff causing pain. Google for piriformis muscle and there are some recommended stretches and strength exercises. They are really helpful.
  8. udx1

    right side hip pain after run

    I have similar issue in left side, a tight muscle causes the pain while running and after. Its probably piriformis muscle, feel lot better after doing some stretches.
  9. udx1

    Post your Workout for Today Here!

    Completed W2D2.. Feeling good.
  10. udx1

    Post your Workout for Today Here!

    Completed W2D2.. Feeling good.