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  1. That's great that you are pushing forward and enjoying it. Congrats. I did my first day tonight. So you go every day or every other day?
  2. Hello all, My name is Tammy. I just completed day 1 and I did well. Right at 8 mins remaining I felt winded and the side cramp a little but completely manageable. I recently lost 40 pounds and have turn my way of life around as far as food. Now I'm looking to tone and get exercise. I want to run because people that do so seem peaceful. My question is is this program designed for daily or every other day. Is the a lay out of schedule that I'm missing? Also, I'm now 135 pounds so not too bad but such a heavy walker. I really need specific instructions on how much of a bend I should make in my knees, how the weight on my feet should be landing and my stride. I'm 5"1. Not sure if that was needed info. Any tips would be so appreciated.
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