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  1. http://forums.zenlabsfitness.com/topic/2871-training-with-baby/
  2. if it feels easy you can add interval 3, 5 or 8 min run. That's what I did. Program is trying to increase (slowly) the distance/endurance and prepare you mentally for the last run of the week. second Week 9, Day 3. 40 min of run (10, 10, 10, 10 min) with 2 min walk on between. Ran 4.08 miles with average speed 6.12 mph
  3. I've completed the C25K on the treadmill (walking 3.5 and now jogging 6.0mph). I am waiting for the spring to try it outside. Biggest problem I can see is choosing and maintaining the pace. But I have an option for the outside - bicycle with speedometer I read that adding bike ride to the mix is actually helpful for runners (and vice versa).
  4. Catherine Great job! Do not worry about pace. It will come... I am working on it redoing week 9. We are very much in the same boat (55, 215#) so I am sure you can do it. Now it's week 6! it is easier...
  5. https://www.google.com/search?q=free+audio+books+mp3&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8
  6. My second Week 9 Day 2 Run 45 min (10, 10, 10, 15 min. intervals) with average speed 6.01 mph (5.9, 6.0, 6.0 and 6.1 mph) Total distance 4.5 miles. I think I am almost ready for 5k under 30 min (need speed 6.22mph). Catherine, I am waiting for your result! Blayne, how are you doing? I know it was cold, snowy, icy and rainy past few days.....
  7. You are already running 20 min total! So may I suggest - go for the day 3. If you will feel in the middle of the run that you cannot push yourself more, take short walk (10-15 sec) and continue. You can always count it as Day 2
  8. The app is suggesting 3 days per week. If you can do more - go for it. But if you are from "couch to 5K" - stick to the program. Your muscles need time to recover/repair. Use the rest days for other type of exercises, stretching and walking. I am not sure about "race day"
  9. If you cannot finish jogging just keep walking. Please remember that you have to exercise three days per week! It means you have to give your muscles to recover in between. Use your rest days for walking, stretching and core exercises. I also recommend to get simple pedometer and keep walking every day.
  10. Download the 10k app. You can look at each day plan.
  11. My second Week 9 Day 1 Run total 4.3 miles (3x10min and last one 14 min), average speed - 5.96 mph I am still taking 2min walk in between, total waking distance 1.2miles (10min cooling down to get 900kal)
  12. Sarah Check this thread: http://forums.zenlabsfitness.com/topic/3239-calling-out-people-in-the-first-few-weeks-of-training/
  13. I recently completed the c25k program on the treadmill, but I am too total newbie at running. I started very slow: 2mph walking and 3.5 jogging. and gradually grow to 3.5 walking/5.8 running. In fact I got to 5.8 running just last week. I follow the app recommendation - run 3 days per week. Every other day I walk and do core strength exercises. When I fill good I am playing with incline on the treadmill - variations is a good prep for the outside running When the weather will get milder, I am planning to run outside. But most likely I will be bicycling...
  14. Goof for you! Welcome...
  15. W9D3 I decided to try somewhat different - increase speed every next run interval. First 10 - speed 5.7 Scnd 10 - speed 5.8 Thrd 10 - spped 5.9 Last 14(!) min - speed 6.0 Average speed is 5.86 mph. Total running distance is 4.3 miles/ I took 2 min walk between runs. First two runs were most difficult for me (than I switch TV from CNN to ESPN ) I will repeat the week 9 one more time. I want this 6mph!
  16. How about yours day 1 and 2 of the week 5?
  17. Way to go! And keep us posted.
  18. Stick with the program: 3 days per week. In the "rest" days: walk, upper body strength exercise, stretching.
  19. Long time ago I got good advice from my roommate (good athlete) how to prevent SS: 1) Run on softer ground as much as possible (avoid hard pavement) . 2) Use shorter stride.
  20. W9D2 Ran 3 times 10 min with 5.7mph, Last 10 min run with 6.0mph! I am getting there... Took 2min walk in between instead of 1 min.
  21. Welcome to "angrybirds" for runners Motivation is partly the same - complete the level. Healthy life style is additional bonus!
  22. I do push ups, pull ups and allthat give my legs (muscles and joints) some rest. Stretching is good.
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