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  1. Ezzo, your double runs are quite spectacular... I think you are actually running 10K week 3 May be, if you want to scale down, you can try to do 4x12min runs or 3x15min run?
  2. Click on the "Home" - you will get to this page: http://www.zenlabsfitness.com/ On the top there is a menu. Last one is "Contact Us" HTH
  3. Potassium (bananas) is always good against muscles cramps.
  4. Mine are mph. I think walking 5mph (=8kph) is quite a challenge . I can manage 4mph walk but no more than that.
  5. Useful reading 10 Treadmill Mistakes You're Making
  6. I was disappointed as well (5 weeks - only 5# lost). But now I understand that food intake should be managed too. I am only 10# down after completing C25K. And truthfully I could do better job watching my diet. I cannot call it a diet, I continue to eat the same food, but my portions should be smaller, sweets should be gone (I am working on it ) and definetly I should drink more water and do more strength exercises... I think gaining of muscles, changing you life style slowly will pay off. Fast weight lost means only fast gain in the future. It is my believes now!
  7. Cool, I am also down 10lb. I need to remove my sweet tooth tusk
  8. Give up is easy. Lets prove that you are tough and can stick wth the program! Welcome!
  9. Catherine Try ankle compressed sleeves. It suppose to help with prevention of the plantar fasciitis.It say so on the package My new pair of Asics is waiting for better weather...
  10. 10K Trainer (Couch to 10K): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.c10kforpink&hl=en You can look at all days before starting.... And C25K graduates start from week 9
  11. This is 14 weeks Half Marathon training for beginners. The 10K program has option start from beginners or continue for C25K graduates . I guess you can skip few first weeks.
  12. blayne That is the way to go! Update for the Thursday: My hip joints still cannot recover after previous few runs.... I am actually thinking to take 10-14 days off from running, but keep walking.... Today I went to the gym, did 9 miles/40min on the bike - interval training (every mile - do 30 sec at max speed). Then run 1 mile at 6mph. It is funny, but the running itself feels fine. The walking after the training is painful. Especially first few steps..
  13. Jeanne It is in your head. I suggest You run W5D3 again and at the end push yourself for 2 more minutes. Do not look at the timer! Reduce you pace, make smaller strides (help with shines). Also you can try to take day off. You will get there!
  14. Don't give up. The spring is near! (Here it is crazy raining today too, but weekend looks promising)
  15. Emma Just try the week 3 and see how it feels. The idea, as I understand it, you have to push yourself with every day. Try W3D1, if you feel you can do more - add additional interval of running. And you next run will be easier....
  16. Yes, if you feel that you can take it, go for Week 4. The program is actually for people like me, that were sitting on the couch/behind the desk for years. You can always repeat the day or week if you overestimated your current strength. Google is saying that under 6 mph is jogging. But starting point is very different for all, so choose your pace and try to increase it. I completed C25K on the treadmill and yet to go outside..... Find the speed you can complete the day and just run it. If it too fast your body will tell you. Now I walk 3.5 - 4 mph and run jog 5.8-6.2 mph. I hav
  17. If somebody would tell me in past November that I will run 6km non stop, I'd say he is crazy My body is still complaining next day after run (especially my joints), but it is much easier to force myself jump to the treadmill...
  18. Stay with the program, 3 days per week. Use the rest days for walking and stretching.... Welcome! PS Sorry for "copy/paste"
  19. My plan for today was: take easy pace and run 20-25 min. But all treadmills were busy, when I arrived... So I jumped on a bicycle and did interval training on it. Total 5 miles per 20min. Then I switch to treadmill. It feels very well (good warm up?) and I run 40 min strait with speed 5.8 mph. That is 3.8 miles or 6.2km. (I will probably pay for this tomorrow )
  20. Stay with the program, 3 days per week. Use the rest days for walking and stretching.... Welcome!
  21. It is mental. You are already running 20 min with short break. First do not look at the phone or timer. Second, reduce the pace. Play music, think about something else. Tell yourself that you are running Day 2, and then continue first interval as long as you can. If you need to - walk for 5-10 sec and continue. Don't be upset. It is normal to repeat days and weeks. It is still good for you. I was afraid W5D3 too. Because of that I was doing Day 1 & 2 with additional 5 and 8 min interval of running.
  22. I think I have found what I was looking for: http://www.mapmyfitness.com/blog/burn-big-calories-with-this-30-minute-treadmill-workout-5029/ Looks quite challenging. As soon as my treadmill at home will be fixed (hopefully soon), I am going to try it. My 40-45 min runs almost got me to the goal 5km under 30min. But my joints cannot approve more than that, I am having hard time to recover after each day of exercise.
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