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  1. "seated cardio workouts"... Can you share few of them?
  2. Muscles are fine. Hip joints are sore, especially after sitting. I need few minutes to start going.... I will try to do lot of stretching today...
  3. I decided to do first week of the 10K (aka Week 9, Day 1) I ran 45 min. instead of 40 - last interval was 15min instead of 10. I also run first 35 min with my target speed 5.7mph. Last ten minutes I increased speed to 5.9 and I finished strong!
  4. Sarah W5D3 is mostly mental problem. So, you have to trick yourself... I did it by running more then required in the previous days of the week 5. Distraction (music, TV, etc) could be helpful too. It is your choice...
  5. True, true.... it is good forum!
  6. That is interesting idea. I am going to try it.
  7. Start slowly to build up your endurance and confidence! I have desk job as you are: 10-12 hours behind the desk. I have at least 40lbs that should not be mine... Two month ago I started (on treadmill) with 2mph and run with 3mph. But before go to the next week I always test myself adding one more run-walk interval. It is OK to repeat day or week, sometimes it is necessary to proceed. Do not be discourage by this. Now I can run jog 40-50 min and I can run 5 km (3.1 miles) under 35 min. There is a wonderful feeling when you complete one more day/week. Be ready that your legs will be
  8. Agustin, wish you lack. I lost 5lbs first 5 weeks (no restriction on the food and it was Christmas/New Year time). To win you bet you need also limit some food intake, that what i need to do too
  9. Thanks Rob! I will try 10x400 and see how it feels. I started my core exercise every other day at the same time as I started C25K program. Honestly I should do more of it. I know what the doc will say (and I agree with him): loose more weight. This will reduce stress on my joints and will increase my pace. I need to reduce my food intakes along with exercise... PS I was googling: Hamstring stretches for low back pain relief
  10. Rob, I was hitting 5k starting the end of the Week 7. I was hoping that I can reach the 5.5 mph and I did (and very proud of it)! I am not sure that I am ready for 10K. First I want to get my 5k under 30 min.
  11. Due to my weight I am afraid to increase the distance. I think it will be to harsh on my joints. I am trying to "invent" interval training course for me, but I just do not know where to start. Should I try 3min run - 3 min jog? What speed should I choose for run and jog intervals, if my goal is 5k under 30 min and my current speed is 5.5mph? Or may be I should try the 10K program? I know that with my current pace I can easily do first two weeks.
  12. I always thought that main source of energy are cookies... Now I am paying for this
  13. It is OK, just do walking,stretching in between
  14. Week 9, day 3. Beginning was horrible. Sharp pain in left calf (probably got cramped last night), sore right hip joint. I was tempted to move this run to Saturday but I glad that I didn't... Ran 30 min with speed 5.5mph plus 4 more min with 3.6mph and completed 5K! I think I do at least one more week running 5K. Not ready to switch to 10K program.
  15. If I can complete this, you can do too! Very often mistake is do not take "rest" day. The C25K is program you run 3 days per week. I walk, stretch and do upper body strength exercises on the rest days. Also try to reduce your pace, do not worry about the speed. If I remember correctly my first 3 week i was "running" 3.5 mph. Now I walking with this speed and running 5.5 mph. But now I can run for 40min or 3.1 miles! It is huge for me!
  16. Can somebody recommend the interval training for me? I can barely make 5k (3.107 miles) with the speed 5.5 mph and incline 1% I do much better with the speed 5.3 mph and incline 1-2% The goal is increase my speed so I could run 5K under 30 min. I was told that interval training is the way to go but I need numbers Or I can just continue to run 5k (playing with incline) and my pace will improve with time? Thanks.
  17. Do not worry too much about your speed/pace. your main goal is endurance. Your run should be challenging but not damaging, so listen to your body. To transfer speed in miles/hour to km/hour just multiplay the number by 1.6. More precise numbers: mile/h - km/h 2 - 3.218 3 - 4.827 4 - 6.436 5 - 8.045 6 - 9.654 7 - 11.263 8 - 12.872 9 - 14.481 10 - 16.09 I am playing with incline when running. If I feel good I increase it slowly (every 5 min of run) up to 2% If I straggle with exercise, I will reduce the incline to complete the run.
  18. I was wrong. Today I ran 38min with 5.5 mph. But I did not like how I was feeling. Last 5 min I have to reduce incline from 1% to 0...
  19. Week 9, Day 1 for me was tough... I did complete 30 min ran and then added 11 more minutes to get to the 5k distance. The speed was 5.3mph, my planned increase 0.2 from previous run. I think I stick with this speed for the next run, i do not fill that I am ready for the 5.5 mph yet.
  20. Don't forget to stretch before and after! Reduce the pace so you can jog whole intervals. Repeat the day, if you think you need it.
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