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  1. Congrats to you! This is a big achievement for guys like us. What is your next goal, increase speed or 10k?
  2. It could be because when you run outside you are looking under your feet, your head is tilted and constrict your breathing.
  3. It is a wonderful feeling to complete the day, isn't it?
  4. Dana, it is OK to repeat day or week. I myself decided to repeat whole program (with better speed). I started last December (215# and 55 years old). Now I I am 202# and still 55 years old, but I can run for 30-40min.
  5. It is Wednesday, there is no point to start week 2. I decided to try interval training for couple of days. It is light version of the training I have found on the internet. I have to adapt it to my abilities. 2.5 mils, 32min, average pace is under 14.
  6. You should be like a cat! Ignore everybody, do what you want. People in the gym do not care, why you shoud care about what everybody think. Do what is important to you!
  7. Definitely cross-training! Just remember that you leg's muscles need rest, so your cross-training should be about your core, upper body muscles and stretching...
  8. Week 1, Day 2 (Speedy version) My joints did not like my previous "Hooray" day, so I decided to be more reasonable, just a bit... 5 min warm up walk 10 x ( 1 min run - 1.5 min walk) 5 min walk All walks -- 4% incline and 3.8 mph speed. All runs -- 3% incline and 6.5 mph speed. Total distance is 2.71 miles for 36 min and average pace is under 14 In the morning I've also walked 3.2 miles to feed my pedometer so the total distance is good. UPDATE Week 1, Day 3 (Speedy version) Sunday evening I went to a birthday party and was not on my best behavior Da
  9. Here is a difference between treadmill and the ground: 1) On the treadmill you have only stick out your foot forward and the belt will move this foot under you. On the ground you move your foot forward and then you have also push your body forward. That is why on the treadmill we need to use incline 2-3%. 2) Also incline on the ground is not constant and surface is not that leveled (little bumps and holes) - all that required additional efforts. 4) And we need to (re-)learn to manage the pace when we are running outside... And one more thing: when we are watched by other people we all
  10. There is a FAQ section on this forum. Here is quote from it:
  11. Congrats with the first week! Does it feel great to complete it? I am sure you can stick with the program and it is OK to repeat day or week one or more times. I myself redoing whole program but with faster speed and bigger incline.
  12. After forced interruption in my runs (ankle) I decided to start over the program, but with bigger incline and faster pace Week 1, Day 1 (Speedy version) 5 min warm up walk 16 x ( 1 min run - 1.5 min walk) 5 min walk +5 min cool down. All walks (except cool down) done with 4% incline and 3.8 mph speed All runs done with 3% incline and 6.5 mph speed. Total distance is 4.1 miles for 55 min and average pace is about 14 It feels OK so I pushed myself and did double number of intervals .
  13. Wow! 53 miles per 8 day! If you ran every other day you did 13 miles per run.... Very admirable. Welcome to the forum!
  14. Self-lacing Nike's Finally, it is here: "ultimate solution to individual idiosyncrasies in lacing and tension preference". Nike HyperAdapt 1.0: http://news.nike.com/news/hyperadapt-adaptive-lacing
  15. Olivia11, If you were walking 5 miles per day you can complete this program! Yes, keep walking in between days, add some stretching and core routines. It is OK to repeat day or week or whole program ( I am thinking to redo whole program but faster and bigger incline).
  16. Welcome to the forum! Week 2 is easy. It is more difficult to start than continue! Put some music in your ears and just go...
  17. Hi Becc. Instead of copy/pasting can I just give you a link? http://forums.zenlabsfitness.com/topic/3587-can-i-skip-a-week/#entry17232
  18. Welcome! Yes it is a "rest" day in between runs. I do walks, stretching, core and strength exercises in between. I take one day off per week (and life forces you to move this day around). Here is sample of the core exercise:http://toropov.net/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=fitness:core_routine
  19. When I started the program I read somewhere: "Whatever is your speed on the treadmill, you are running too fast" . Do not worry about your speed. The main objective is complete a day, week, whole program. You can work on the speed later. I started with 2-2.5 mph walk and 2.8-3.2 mph runs. Now I can do 3.5-4 mph walks and 5.8-6.3 mph runs. Bu you have to challenge yourself. If you cannot complete the day exercise - reduce the pace. If I feel good, I would increase speed for the last interval or/and add additional interval to the day.
  20. Congratulation! What a grand finish of C25K! PS It would be great if kids would bring musical instruments and play from start to the finish!
  21. It depends on your current physics, remember - the program is called "couch to 5K". I was staying with the program, but I run every time more than it was required. At the end of the Week 7 I was sure that I can run 5k. The only possible problem is injuries, if you muscles are not ready....
  22. Just press and hold on a day you want to do over....
  23. Yep, three days per week - running, three days - strength exercises, one day rest. Welcome!
  24. My personal take on this - repeat! Otherwise you will be missing everyday virtual "achievement medal"!
  25. First, it could be wise to consult with your physician! Start with walking first. If you can do fast walking for 30min, than try to do first week, but do it very slow. I have herniated disk and was able to complete the program. My pace was very slow at start.
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