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  1. 6 mph is still my goal, I completed week 8 with 5.1mph
  2. 21 Reasons the Treadmill Doesn’t Have to Suck
  3. Program is really based on alternating run days with "rest" days.
  4. Sunshine, I completed week 7 with the same speed 4.5. I started raise my pace slowly by 0.2 on week 8. Week 8, day 3 - my speed is 5.1. But you have to do it in your terms: set the goal, reach it and ... repeat
  5. Rob, what Garmin do you have? I am using Vivofit (first version) and it gives me a problem, time to upgrade....
  6. I do taking one day per week off (Sat. or Sun.). But I always try to keep my steps count around 12k every day, so I suggest walk and stretch.
  7. Hannibal Lecter disagree with this statement
  8. I would stick with a program... But after completing the program for the day I was adding additional minutes to run before cool down. It helped me to be sure that I could do next day in the program.
  9. I am too very conscious about running outside... Last November I bought treadmill Strangely enough, when I am on bicycle, I don't care...
  10. I just finish W8D3 too... I did 28min with 5.1mph (previous day was 4.9). To complete 3.1m have to add 10 more minutes. Through the run I was slowly increasing incline from 0.5 to 2. I will continue at least one more week with 30min run. I need to increase my pace and incline. I am not ready for 10k commitment yet.
  11. On the Android phone: at the bottom there are 4 pictographs, first one is Notes (music), the second one is Gear (settings) and the third one is toggle between forum and the app. I have no idea about apple stuff...
  12. What I like about this program is small goals every week.When I started I choose very small pace for both walk and run. I was so afraid of failing....After week 5 I was sure that I can finish the program and at the end of the week 7 I started making 5k distance every time. Now it is week 8 and I slowly increasing my pace. I am 55, obese (BMI 32.2), high blood pressure and sugar, back pain and other stuff. So the program is doable even for me. Stick to the program, but listen to your body (and ignore your mind ). If you cannot run - walk. it is better then sitting.
  13. Week 8 Day 2. Done 28min with ease and then added 10 more min. for total 5k! Pace is up and last 10 min I did with incline.
  14. Just google c25k - ton of information. And yes,you run every other day, three days per week.
  15. "watching what you eat" is never easy
  16. It is very common mistake to run every day! Run Mon, Wed, Fri (or Tue, Thu, Sat) and do walking and upper body strength exercise every other day. Also stretching before and after run will help to avoid injures. I have excess 40-50lbs and I am on the week 8.
  17. What I would do (and may be it is not the best way) is try the W4D1. Try to finish it. If you have to - walk the rest of the exercise and then retry it until you can do it. Since you already can do week 3 it is time to challenge your body! BTW I think you will be pleasantly surprised when you try W4D1
  18. Completed W7D3, run 40 min to get to 3.1 miles (aka 5k!). The speed was only 4.7. My goal is 5.5 mph in two weeks. Bad news 1. Am still 55 and my BMI is 32.2 2. My treadmill has broken last Wednesday in the middle of the run. I completed the run inside the house. One ficus is dead.
  19. It depends. Some people are motivated by straggle, others, like myself, need feasible accomplishment. I doubt that I will ever enjoy the running, but I will be extremely happy when I get my weight under 200. Your goal is 6 miles in April. I would select few small intermediate goals on this path and celebrate them as achievements. This will be great motivation for some people.
  20. Yesterday I've done my W7D1. It felt good, so I took 35 min run upping treadmill incline every 5 min by 0.5 I think I am ready to work on my pace. I hope at the end my speed will be at least 5.5 mph
  21. First, it is all in your head. Of course you can do 3 min, if you can do 90 sec. Second, the pace is your main weapon - the main goal is finishing the day, do not worry about speed. Third, plan your course so your uphill will be closer to start.
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