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  1. I've just hit week 4, and I'm getting really stuck for the first time. Almost every other week, id either repeat one day or none at all - now I've tried week 4 probably about 7 times and only finished it once. I tried going back to week 3, and that feels fairly easy. Any tips? I'm starting to get rather frustrated.
  2. I'm a super out of shape college student, and I was starting to feel super gross just sitting around all day. I tried day 1 today, and was only able to get through about half before I my lungs and calves were protesting too much to keep going. Oh well, time to try again tomorrow! I think I definitely need to stretch before I go out, when my warmup walk was over I definitely did not feel warm. Questions for you all: do you bring a bottle of water with you when you run? I did today because it's super hot out, and i definitely felt like I needed it, but it felt very awkward to carry while I ran. Secondly, if you find you can't finish a run section, do you pause and wait until you feel more capable, or just stop and try the run again later? Thanks!
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