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  1. I'm a complete newbie at running and have absolutely rubbish stamina at the moment. I like going to the gym though and I like using the Treadmill but I don't think I'm running at the right speeds. What speed should I be aiming for? Is it better to run outside? I just think if I wasn't on a Treadmill I'd just give up half way - but the fear of falling off keeps me going hah! Also... how often are other newbies running? I also struggle with fatigue and motivation. So far, I've only just done week 1.
  2. I was wondering the same thing today. I just completed week one but I don't feel confident to move on. I can barely keep up. Should I push myself and carry on to week 2 or get comfortable with week 1 first? What do people suggest? I am a complete new beginner at running and have pretty rubbish stamina.
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