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  1. I did it. Week 1 day 1 and day two are done. Shuffled my way thru the running portions but never stopped. Heart rate is 111 after the cool down. I read somewhere that conditioned runners can have as low as 62? Yup. I have a long way to go but the first two days are behind me. I have a strong suspicion that I will need to do week one over, but that's OK I will get there! I am in no hurry.
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    Good luck Matt, I'm just like you in that I'm starting on a treadmill. I live in a mountainous area and the hills in my neighborhood are very steep. Not a flat stretch to be found. But we gotta start somewhere and together with this community we can do this. If you ever want to chat about progress, feel free. Not that I quite know how to use the chat feature yet, lol! -Carole
  3. Hi! I'm about as sedentary as it gets. I'm 44 years old. 158 lbs. I work from home, 8 hour day desk job. I don't take breaks (very demanding job). Wake up, throw on my yoga pants (which have never been used for yoga) walk my 30 steps to my office and sit for 8-10 hours. Get off work, do some housework then sit on the couch to read or watch tv then bedtime. Next day is exactly the same as the day before. Ive been so unmotivated for so long and feel and look like I've just given up on myself. It's depressing. I'm not an over eater, just normal meals, not much snacking and I don'
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