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  1. Hello all! I hope things are going well. I am now 2 weeks post 10k training. It was actually quite fun doing it and I cannot believe that I was able to run even further with my kidney issue. My little one always falls asleep during the run and just sleeps until I take her out so I can shower. I'm hoping the rest of you are keeping up with it. I dropped a total of 12 lbs between the two trainers and feel like a million bucks. I'm trying that strange fad called the military diet noe and just doing in home workouts. Every once in a while I feel like running and switch off between the 5k and
  2. So the horrible weather and my little getting sick for a week had me change my mind on starting the 10k training. I finished the 5k training and really surprised myself. I had increased my speed and my body always felt much better after I ran. My niece got to do my last run with me and she is 8. I was surprised she kept up most of the way. I now doing the Brazil Butt Lift workouts indoor and I think that I want to try and run on Sunday's if the weather allows (it's my only rest day in the workout series). Part of me really misses running so I want to keep doing it. I also think I may go backwa
  3. Welcome! It's definitely a bit of a challenge at first, but it gets better. I think I will go ahead and do the 10k, my ultimate goal is a triathlon so I have a ways to go.
  4. Thanks for asking! Things are great! Tomorrow is the last day of week 7!! so exciting and nerve-wracking to only have one final week. I have become stronger in pushing the stroller. I can now do it much longer in each position (both hands, one hand at a time). My little normally goes to sleep when I run so that also helps a ton. I did a 5k last weekend, but I only walked it because it was too packed to even try to jog. Also the mud was pretty intense. I was actually running in a school parking lot because it's easy to circle around and was nice at night since it was very lit up. Also the clean
  5. hahah, yes they do and that is what I'm using. They are much easier to push than regular stroller and go along with bumps instead of feeling like you will fall each bump you hit. Today starts week 5, but I don't know if I can handle it. I will do my best of course!
  6. Thanks for the responses everyone. Honestly it seems to be getting a bit easier as time goes on. Since I've been doing it each week and also slimming back down everything seems easier. Maybe I won't be saying that when i get to week 7, but I am halfway to the final now since I'm on week 4. I have always been a sprinter and would always want to do long distance, but just didn't have the endurance for it. Now my breathing seems to be getting better and the lbs are coming off as well. It sure is exciting to be able to do it while looking at my little girl. Sometimes she plays while I jog and that
  7. So I had a baby in March and I have been doing all I can to get in shape. Last weekend I did a 5k mud run that had I believe it was 25 obstacles. I am proud of myself for finishing and dping almost everyone of them, but I was not happy with the fact that I had to walk almost all of it from the start.I decided to start using this app again because I remember how much it helped me before. This time though I am pushing my babies stroller while training. It has proven to be quite challenging. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions about this. I'm wondering if this would actually make me run b
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