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  1. Thx Anne and Rob, yep u bet I liked that time. I was so happy it nearly brought me to tears. The best part is that I think I could do better. My heart and lungs handled it no problem my average hr was 151. Don't get me wrong it was a punishing run. My legs took a big toll. Muscle,ligaments definitely feet and ankles hurt. I do believe it comes down to body conditioning. Keep putting in the miles and your body will get used to it.
  2. Start 247lbs resting hr 74. 30 year smoker can't run 30 seconds without gasping for air. Countless setbacks,injury (later I would call this conditioning). 3rd attempt finished c25k. Completed 10 k trainer Completed 13.1 half Marathon in 1hr 58 mins. Currently, enjoying just running 197lbs resting hr 48
  3. ruserious

    Calf pain

    Hey. Sorry to hear about your calf. Injuries can be difficult to handle when your motivated or approaching a goal. Look after it and it will get better. My calfs are prone to injuries. I now wear calf sleeves even on small runs. I guess technically I didn't make my goal of 200lbs. Today I'm 205 but my calfs are 1/4 inch bigger and my thighs are a half inch bigger. I did however complete a half marathon . So I can say I'm really happy. I just keep going and i don't worry about the scale.
  4. Thx for the tips guys. That soak in the tub did a great job. I went to my local running store today and picked up a roller. That's awesome all be it my wife massaged my legs but just not the same as massage therapy. Can't afford therapy every long run. That roller let's Me do it meself sweet. Thx again
  5. I've been running with zen labs for some time now. Love every run. I just completed 13.1 and feel great. I was wondering what people are doing for their sore legs after a long run in the country with no massage tents at the end lol? Ps. I see a lot of posts c25k (awesome app) saying things like week day hard.i would just like to say keep it up.i started with c25k and could not run 30 seconds. Yesterday I ran a half marathon.
  6. ruserious

    Calf pain

    OMG just answered my own question. Simply walking out the door completely rolled my ankle. Can walk if u can call it that. I guess my calf is going to get better lol. I'm lucky to have access to a lake so I will water run to keep up the lungs and calorie burn. Do some p90x upper body while I gently look after my legs. Get some physio. Frustrated, started at 247 lbs my first goal is 200lbs and I'm 204 right now. So close yet so far.
  7. ruserious

    Calf pain

    I think I got a small calf strain I can still walk.do I take a break from running for five or six days? I really don't want to be out for 8 weeks
  8. W3d1 That was great! No walking, I just adjusted speed. Great workout. For the longer runs I think I will just keep a steady pace. Now I have to find a good workout for the off run days. I was doing focus t25. But would be nice to do some running specific routines
  9. Well I have looked at other apps. There are some good apps. I have decided to stay with zens' 13.1 half Marathon. I like the concept because I am a little prone to injury. I'm going to pick up the pace a bit and push the limit's. When it says walk I'm going to slow my pace instead of walking. Skip a few weeks, never though of that. that's a great idea. I will look into that and see if my ocd will let me lol. Thx Lee
  10. Hi, I finished the c25k. I just finished the 10k 54min 12sec .Im 46 30 year heavy smoker. To say these apps are great is a huge understatement. I'm so happy So, now on to 13.1. I looked at it and I'm not really sure what to do. The 3min run walk 2 do I pick up the pace? Skip the 2min walk? It just seems a little on the easy side. Any advice is always welcome Lee
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