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  1. Hi guys! Thank you all for your support, it really cheered me up! Thanks for sharing your tips with me. Unfortunately, I didn't make it I tried twice, but I just needed to stop and catch my breath after about 8 min. I walked for 1 min then started again, but had to stop again for another 2 min, both times. I tried to focus on the music, on nature, think that it was my mind trying to trick me, but just had to stop. Maybe it's because it is cold right now (I felt like I could run a little more at the end of the workout because my lungs were "warm" finally) or maybe just because I'm out of shape. What do you suggest that I do now? Should I keep trying with this day or can I go on with week 6 day 1? How do you usually get ready for the workout by the way? Once again, thanks for your support and tips! :*
  2. Hello everyone! I'm new on this forum but decided to write to get some help and motivation from you. Today I made through week 5 day 2, I thought I couldn't run 8 min, but I did! Yay... But next time is 20 min. How could you do it? I had never run before in my life and I'm overweight... 20 min seem veeeeeery long! Anyone had the same issue? Did you make it? How? I really want to make it, so any advice is welcome!
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