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Found 24 results

  1. New to running. Was told about this app and am excited to start running!
  2. Hi. I decided to try the forum. I am excited to become a runner. I am currently at w5d2. I am so much slower than I was in week 4. I must really run at a granny pace. I have been taking my time, as that is what I read I should do, but I think I can speed walk faster. I can use advice. I have a 5k booked (my 1st) on 9/21
  3. Just me


    I have been following the obesity code for 6 months and have lost 43 lb so far... wanted to increase exercise to ramp up losing because I have hit a bit of a plateau. I also want to start running again but after starting too quickly had an injury that delayed me... this time I will start a bit slower. I used to consistently run 35 miles per week and though it was many years ago, want to get back there.
  4. Hi All, I'm Ian from South Wales, I'm going to start the 10k program tomorrow, let myself go a little bit and having struggled with mental health issues & suicidal thoughts. I've decided taking up running, losing a bit of weight and getting fit may help with my what's in my head!! Haven't really got anyone in my life that really encourages me. So thought I'd stick a flag up in here and see what happens. Take care Ian
  5. Hi everyone!! I am a mom of a 17 month old, and have gained all my baby weight back I had previously lost... I know simply running isn't going to get the baby weight off, but it's a healthy habits I've always wanted to have. So this is a start for me. I did W2D1 today. I have used this program before, but I believe I only made it to week 5. So here's to making it through the entire program!! I can do it, and so can you!!
  6. After four children and 34 years in this earth I have decided that I was a better more active life. Starting at 240lbs hoping to run/walk a 5K by the end of January for my birthday
  7. After four children and 34 years in this earth I have decided that I was a better more active life. Starting at 240lbs hoping to run/walk a 5K by the end of January for my birthday
  8. Hi. Im Marilyn. Im 43, 2 kids, full time job and student. I let myself go and i need to get back on track. I thought i could do it on my own, but i cant. I really need to do this. Im scared of failing.
  9. Hi. Im Marilyn. Im 43, 2 kids, full time job and student. I let myself go and i need to get back on track. I thought i could do it on my own, but i cant. I really need to do this. Im scared of failing.
  10. Hey Everyone - I am new to running, I started doing this with the purpose of learning to run, becoming the runner I always wanted to be and losing some weight. I have yet to start training with the application, and have completed three 5k's. Now these, I have done while walking/jogging. And I am really enjoying them. I am also from Connecticut. Looking forward to some improvements.
  11. Aries69


    I just started today, and I'm still trying to figure out how to use this app to post. Didn't mean to start new topic.
  12. My name is Rachel! My cousin loves this app so I thought I would give it a try. I always workout for months then end up getting bored of it and gaining all my weight back. Running has become more and more popular and i can't help but wish I could run like some people! Another family member of mine runs marathons and I am so jealous! My issue is staying motivated, eating better/less, and my shin splints. Treadmill isn't too bad, but concrete gives me the worst pains I've ever felt. Can't wait to start, get healthy, keep my weight off, and STICK TO IT!
  13. Hi, I'm Simon, 24 years old...I was always super skinny until this past 2 years and I've pilled on some pounds. My goals are to get fitter, build some muscle mass and take it from there. Starting the 'Couch to 10km Plan' as well as training in the gym. Motivation Needed!
  14. Hey I am now on week 4 day 3! I started at 320 pounds and have lost 16 pounds with this program and slight change in my diet. I have given up soda and only drink water! It is tough looking ahead to what is to come. But so far I have reached each goal. I believe I can do this and that anyone else trying to do this can as well!
  15. Hello. I didn't see this thread yet and I'm looking for a couple of accountability partners. I was 54 in September 2015. I'm down 20 pounds with 40 more as my 2016 goal! Ran track in high school.
  16. I have run in the past, however, after several medical issues I needed to take care of my health. Now I would like to do a 5K. I am turning 50 in January and I have signed up for a 5K in March. Excited, nervous, and looking for others in the same boat! Lets sink or swim together!!
  17. My name is Chelsea, 27 yeaes old, from Northern Ohio . I have a 6 month old German Shepherd who I want to start running with. I'm slow, have never been successful at running. Last winter I made the decision to start the process of weightloss surgery. Had Gastric Sleeve surgery on June 1st. My highest weight was in February at 315. Surgery day I was 295. At 4 months and 2 weeks, I'm currently around 235. If you don't agree with the choice that I've made please don't comment. I get enough negativity in my regular everyday life, I don't need it on here as well.
  18. Hello! I recently had a breast reduction surgery (15 days ago) and am wondering when is a good time to start this program? I definitely want to be safe and not injure myself, but I have not been able to run since I was in the 7th grade (I'm now 28). I am so excited!!!! I'm thinking that starting out with just walking for x amount of time for a few weeks wood be a good way to ease into this, but I wanted to see if anyone else had dealt with this as well. Thanks in advance!!!! (:
  19. I have never been fit in my entire life, and I'm ready to make the change to a healthier lifestyle. I'm getting married next June and want to look and feel the best I ever have. I hope I can do this..
  20. Work app find out how get calories from New to this
  21. Just today started an hour of walking , still have to work on diet ,. i am starting to love the pain it gives in my legs
  22. I just finished my first day and boy was it cold in Cincinnati today. Anyway, I loved the app and it worked flawlessly, even on an iphone with it going to sleep. I have one app question though. Can you access your stats (Time, Distance, Calories) from a previous workout? After I was finished, I proudly posted my accomplishment on FB, but then after that, it was ready to start day 2 and I never saw my final numbers. I also thought this would be part of the FB post like Runkeeper does. Is this possible?
  23. I woke up this morning and decided that TODAY is the first day of the rest of my life as a healthy person. It was time to use that couch25k app I downloaded 2 weeks ago.... I did great today! I just want to know what to do for daily motivation... The thing that really ruins the rest of my plans is when I awake the next day with sore muscles and pain from a new work out the day before. Any tips on how to keep going when you are sore? What about when all you brain wants to do is excuses?
  24. Hi everyone! Today is my third day using zenlabs and Im excited to looking forward to a healthier and better me! Today I was working out and my legs were hurting so bad that I had to stop. Any suggestions on what I could use to help with pain? And what is a good speed to begin running? Thanks to anyone that applies.
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