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  1. Well i have started walking now , now i feel my legs are more movable .Health has become my first priority and it should be .......
  2. I am overweight by around 30 pounds, first few days of walking i felt great. But then my regular food habits kicked in . Have to bring the good things back again . I am kind of seeing someone in office ,my weightloss should make her turn
  3. Well, good start !slow and soon . i am in kind of a similar situation , i want to be healthy for my family and take care fo them
  4. Well i have to try TrisheE idea . Biggest mistake i do is that i will go on without food for full day but at end of day i end up eating a lot
  5. Just today started an hour of walking , still have to work on diet ,. i am starting to love the pain it gives in my legs
  6. I have started sometimes , the main problem which i think hurting badly is , i cannot control urges to eat .i would like to be active member of this forum .I am willing sacrifice anything for fitness now .....
  7. I am new to this forum , glad i found this forum. I am becoming a couch potato . Everytime i tried to reduce weight i gained a lot . now i am 100 kgs weight . Members please help me to save my life
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