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Found 33 results

  1. gregj


    Howdy! I'm Greg from Washington, USA.. I'm a newbie here and I hope I could share and get good health information here.. Have fun and happy holidays!
  2. Hi all, I will start out by saying that I found the app for C25K first, then found this site. The app is still on my phone. But two months have gone by and I have not even looked at it. I honestly think I am afraid to even try it because I know I will fail. I know that is not the right mind set, but this is coming from a life-long fat kid who has grown into a fat adult. You experience a lot of this kind of thinking. I was very active as a kid, still overweight for my age, but I did softball, volleyball, golf, swimming, you name it, but but I was never good at running. At all. Ever. What really sucks is that I look back now and realize I wasn't THAT much overweight, but diets can really screw up a body, and a mind. As I got older I realized how much harder it was to lose weight and keep in shape. There was a period of about 5 years where I did lose weight and I kept active and kept it off. After a few life changes and family hardships, all the weight came back. And then some. Later on, I got married, had a child, got divorced, and put more weight on. My son is now 10, I am 42 and I am at my highest weight I have ever been. I'm scared for my health, and I am scared I am not going to be around for my son. I know what I need to do, but I just can't seem to get out of this rut. A very deep hole in which I cant seem to climb out of. Please tell me some of you have been in my shoes. I need to find a way to pull myself out and use this dumb app! Thanks in advance.
  3. Hey everyone, Just wanted to stop in and introduce myself. I was a runner about 5 years ago but I stopped. Getting started again because I signed my daughter up for Girls on the Run, and she needs a running partner for the end season 5K. Finished Week 1 Day 2 today.
  4. Hello! I'm a middle-aged mom returning to running after taking a few years off. I completed C25K several years ago, then continued training and ran a few 5ks, a 5 mile race, and two half-marathons. Then I got lazy and depressed and I stopped running. I gained a lot of weight. I was so stressed out about my job, I started grinding my teeth in my sleep and I was having SVT episodes (rapid heartbeat). My doctor said that I had to reduce stress. In July of this year, I decided that I had enough and started C25K again. I also started eating low carb again. I've completed C25K, and I am working on Bridge to 10k now, Week 9, Day 1. I'm very slow, but I am not running to set records. I'm running to get back into shape and to help my mood. Endorphins are fantastic for depression! I also take medication every day, but that wasn't enough for me. Since August 15th, I've lost 20 pounds. I can run for at least 30 minutes with no walking. I'm happier and healthier. I'm dealing with stress so much more easily than I ever did over the past few years. My family is supportive, and they know that every other day is a running day. It's not all sunshine and rainbows, there are difficult days and I'm searching for a job that doesn't send me into the deep end, but I know that I can do this! Here's a link to my blog if anyone is interested. karensrenewalrunning.home.blog My running partner is my little dog, Luci.
  5. Hi everyone! I'd like to post my experience on being an absolute beginner to running and getting to the 10k mark. I found it very difficult in the beginning, and wanted to share some things I've learned and some tips that will hopefully help others. I started off doing the Zenlabs C25K and moved straight up to their 10K app. My fitness level was average, and all my running was done on a treadmill. It took 12 weeks and I'm 47 yrs. old. When I first started out it was hard. I mean, OMG I really wanted to get each running session over with. I hated it, complained to myself all the time, and didn't enjoy anything about the whole process! It was a tough trudge and I wanted an excuse all the time to get out of it. I had NO concept how anyone could even remotely enjoy it, never mind really look forward to it every day. Well... I actually went from feeling this miserable and negative to really enjoying running and actually experiencing that "runners high" that I'd read about. I'd like to share my experience for those who are at the beginning and feeling as disillusioned and dejected about running as I did. TIP 1 When you first start out, it's gonna be hard. There's no way around that, BUT it's pretty short lived. If you follow a structured program like the C25K, you progress at a nice rate. I ran every other day. 12 weeks later, I'm in a very happy place. TIP 2 Music. There is no way in hell I could have got to the 10K mark without a GREAT playlist of music that has a fantastic beat. This was an absolute must for me. I learned to quickly get rid of songs with beats that didn't work, and add more songs that I loved and that had beats that really kept me going. TIP 3 The beginning of a run is always tough. I assumed the more I progressed that this would go away, but it doesn't. Even at 10K, that first 4-6 mins is like getting over a hill - it REALLY sucks! I assumed it's just my body suddenly adapting to going from a stationary state to a running state, but whatever it is, the beginning of a run is like a challenging hump to get over. That leads me to the next tip. TIP 4 When you get into a schedule and get better at it, you really want to get over the misery of the "run start-up." I did a lot of research into this and went to a local running store. The consensus is that the beginning of a run is always tough. Always the optimist, I was determined to try and make it easier, so I started researching supplements. Now... I'm a really healthy person. I eat 100% organic, vegetarian, no processed food at all, and only pasture-raised dairy, so the thought of supplements wasn't top of my list. But I did learn that caffeine can really help with that tough part at the beginning of a run. I don't drink coffee at all, and the fact my office co-workers are addicted to their caffeine fix make me have zero interest in coffee! BUT, I wanted to make my run easier so I tested out 200mg caffeine (in supplement form) 30 mins before a run. Damn, it really helped...! I hate to admit it, but now that tough beginning to a run is so much better. I'm really hoping that as time passes by I can phase out the caffeine, but right now, I'm sticking with it :-) TIP 5 Always spend a couple of mins stretching before you get started. I do 3 simple stretches. 1) rag doll, bending at the waist for 30 secs to give my hamstrings a good stretch, 2) quad stretch, bending at the knee and holding my ankle behind me against my butt to stretch my quad for 30 secs, and 3) holding knee into my chest to stretch my glute for 30 secs. If I DON'T stretch, I notice the first few mins are tougher and more challenging to me. TIP 5 KNOW it's going to get easier. For me, that didn't happen until 10K. It just didn't, and that was 12 weeks. That's not to say it was all tough, but I never felt that "oh, this is a breeze!" feel at all. When I reached 10K and stuck to that 3-4 times a week, I started feeling good about it. My music list was full of energy and awesome beats, my body had adapted, and I really started to enjoy it. The first few mins is still tough, but the caffeine helps, so that's ok! TIP 6 This may not apply to everyone, but I found using a treadmill to be a life saver. I did the "interval" setting where you could set two speeds, one walk and one run, and it made it so much easier for me as I toggled between the speeds. I also like to have the company of people around me in a gym. I tried several times running outside and failed - I'm not sure why, but I couldn't get in to it. Being at a gym somehow gave me more accountability and put me in the right mental state. I really needed all the help I could get, and I needed the treadmill. My summary is that I went from absolutely HATING running in the beginning to suddenly looking forward to doing a 1/2 marathon. I mean, to me that's shocking that I went from one extreme to another, but I did! Hopefully these tips can help others because they are what I found was the most helpful for me :-)
  6. Hey guys my name is Lynn I am 19 and 300lbs, I am new to this today was the 2nd day and my legs felt like lead! I was sure at some points I wasn't even jogging but I was a couple times I walked. I took two 10 minute breaks but I finished it. I ways wanted to run and finally decided to do it even if it is hard!
  7. Hello I’m Wyni and new to jogging- have done racewalking in the past but just starting to try to get fit again in my 50’s, My day one went well but today on day 2 the minute I started to jog I felt very sore and tight inner thigh muscles. I have never had this before. I paused to stretch and warm up more but could not properly jog during the exercise. Any advice would be very wrkcome thanks Wyni
  8. Hi Everyone Just started today. Not too bad as the weather is nice at the moment in the UK but I can see a 6.30am start in October being more of a challenge. Despite being generally fit I've never felt particularly comfortable running. Sore hips and back and I've never quite found the right sports bra. However, I'm determined to at least try it for a month not least because I need to lose my belly gut that is putting me in the right risk category for diabetes and heart disease!!! Female, 47yrs, 72Kg
  9. Hello there! I want to run a 5K before I turn 50 late next year. I have not run since I left the Army in 1991. Goal is to run a 5K on Thanksgiving for charity. Anyone else doing the same?
  10. Hello! i am very excited about this app and training! I have successfully completed day 2 of week 1! I am 54 yrs young and needing to loose a good 25-30 Lbs. I feel certain I will be looking for advise and support as I continue! Look forward to getting to know some of you here!
  11. My name is Kayla. I am 24, totally blind, and a college freshman. I want to get physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy. Could use some support. Very scared. I don't want to fail. I want to try the program on the elliptical. I hope that will work. Thank you for listening to me.
  12. Second run ever... for someone who is overweight and a smoker I think I'm doing quite well...! Felt I was going to pass out at some point but I survived, pushed through, and every time I finish my workout I feel great... so yeah... guess that's about it for now... although my calves hurt from time to time, hope that's normal! Any thoughts?
  13. Next week I will be scheduling gallbladder surgery. I am motivated to start now, but not sure if it would be worse to stop in middle for recovery or wait until after surgery, healing, and risk losing the motivation? Any advice?
  14. I just started yesterday. Don't exercise other than walking a mile or two a few times a week. Started with my 10 yr old dog. We both loved it. So much I repeated it after work again. He's beat this morning so I'm going solo. It'd great to have all this info at hand. Peace, Jeff
  15. I just started yesterday. Don't exercise other than walking a mile or two a few times a week. Started with my 10 yr old dog. We both loved it. So much I repeated it after work again. He's beat this morning so I'm going solo. It'd great to have all this info at hand. Peace, Jeff
  16. Ciao! I'm an American who sold everything to travel the world, and after a year of restaurants around the globe, I felt it was time to start running. That and I listened to a podcast episode of On Being with Krista Tippet that talked all about runners and running and how they came to love running, and what they get out of it. It was really interesting. They spoke of how anything can be accomplished if taken in small increments, which is how I came to look up "best running apps for people who hate to run" or something like that. My timing could be better - it's really mountainous up here, and there are no flat runs. The majority of my run, well, all of it but one part, was uphill. But hey, I'm fit, right? I can do this! (day one high talking here) Best from Vermiglio, Italy
  17. As a young (ish) dad I'm doing this to ensure I have the energy to run around the parks and beaches with my little ones when they get older :-) Looking for people to share the long hard journey with! Good luck everyone.
  18. Hi, inspired by an online friend I decided to start C25K a few weeks ago. I haven't done much exercise for years apart from walking, I used to run as a kid and in my early 20's but have not done so for many years. After the first day when I got home I had to lie down for half an hour , then sit in my dressing gown for over an hour before I could even face showering. I've had a few aches and pains but nothing that doesn't get better on my inbetween days. Today I completed Week 4 Day 2 and my recovery time was about 5 minutes. I am simply amazed at how good this program is! :-) Really looking forward now to doing all the other weeks and getting back to running on a regular basis.
  19. I've never run before and I just finished Week 1 Day 1! I am sore, but I feel amazing. I have never felt more positive that I could accomplish something like this than I do now! This app is so great and I seriously love it. I am so excited for the coming days. I am ninja running at night so my family stays out of it. Tips on how to cool down or running techniques?
  20. Hello all, I just did my first day with the C25K app, and i was astounded I got through it. (woo hoo!) When I finished the workout I noticed that I actually erred and did the week 1/day 3 workout. Now I don't know what to do.... Should I keep doing this one for two more workouts? Do I just start over? Do I continue and start week 2? I have a goal to run my first 5k on May 8. I've NEVER run before (I still don't - it's more like a 'rolling jog'). I am 48 years old, have asthma, as well as other medical history to contend with. I am tired of being this roley-poley old woman). Thanks for any info/advice. -badjenetix
  21. I've been overweight since leaving high school. I "lie" to myself and have little to no support at home, and am not even accountable to myself. I want to be healthy. I need to feel better. I'm a wife, mother, and full time student. One of my children has 'Special Needs'. I'm hoping I can get some type of push here, some tough love. No BS so that I can get underway.
  22. I've been overweight since leaving high school. I "lie" to myself and have little to no support at home, and am not even accountable to myself. I want to be healthy. I need to feel better. I'm a wife, mother, and full time student. One of my children has 'Special Needs'. I'm hoping I can get some type of push here, some tough love. No BS so that I can get underway.
  23. Hello, just started today with W1D1. Have not run in years but felt it time to give it a try and work up to that. Have been walking (lightly) 3-4 miles on average daily for the past few months.
  24. Hello. I didn't see this thread yet and I'm looking for a couple of accountability partners. I was 54 in September 2015. I'm down 20 pounds with 40 more as my 2016 goal! Ran track in high school.
  25. Hiya everyone! I'm 18 (Senior year!) and have a little too much extra "lovin'". Quick back story: I use to be obsessed with running when I was a Freshman. I actually would run almost every day Freshman year; on a normal day I'd run atleast 3 miles and on crumby days I'd push myself to 5.5 miles. I was a fitness junky. I always had to be doing something active. I played soccer, tennis, volleyball, basketball, and ran both cross country & track. Last school year (Junior year) I went from weighing 128 lbs. to weighing 159.6 lbs. within barely 2 months. I got depressed and everything went down hill. I'd burn maybe 600 calories during the day but would come home after school and consume 4,000 calories... So my tiny body stretched out. I've dropped all my weight (down to 135 lbs.) but nothing is in shape like it use to be. I have almost lost all motivation for anything regarding fitness. I'll get on big health kicks and they'll last for a month or so then go 4 months without doing anything. I miss being active and the excuses I've been feeding my brain is "I'll do it tomorrow." & "I just need someone to push me." and they're not doing anything for me. So here's the purpose of this thread. I'm looking for someone to be a "running buddy" (someone to do the same thing the same day as me or even yell ((nicely)) to do my daily run) and really we don't have to be on the same progress. If anyone is interested please let me know! I'm not sure what time I'm doing it tomorrow but most likely it'll be early (10-ish East Coast Time). And if someone is looking for a buddy or encourager as well let me know, I know I'd love someone for that and I'd gladly help someone with it!! Sorry for the long post! Xoxo
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