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  1. I started as a new runner. Zero running experience. 57 yrs old. Post 250 lb weightloss. I could barely make it through the first week.... Until I read to slow down my running to a conversation level (can say a sentence or two without gasping for air) I am now on week 6, day 2. From now on, it is straight running, no intervals. My son and I feel much better about ourselves. We are Proud of our accomplishments. My body shape is improving. If we can do it... You can!
  2. Done! W5D3 was not as hard as I thought it would be.
  3. I have read suggestions to do w6d1 & w6d2 first... And then double back and complete W5D3 followed by w6d3. I am seriously considering this.
  4. Scared of tonight's run.... W5D3
  5. That is where I was when I started... And I slowed my pace down to where I could talk. It was no time at all until I was doing a couple minutes. You will, too. I'm currently in week 5.
  6. Hi. I decided to try the forum. I am excited to become a runner. I am currently at w5d2. I am so much slower than I was in week 4. I must really run at a granny pace. I have been taking my time, as that is what I read I should do, but I think I can speed walk faster. I can use advice. I have a 5k booked (my 1st) on 9/21
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