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    Writing historical fiction for 8-12 year olds, Reading, Bass Fishing... and now getting into shape and running!
  1. Sign up! Sign up! Keep it going!
  2. Sign up! Sign up! Keep it going!
  3. Thank you, Azatol. I feel like a winner.
  4. Today I did w9d1. Went to a different track. With Mountains. Urrrr..... Hills.... Ok. They are definitely inclines. LOL! Between the cold air and the inclines, I felt the new challenge. I only ran 2 miles in the 30 minutes. I've decided to be proud of that and to see it as a new chance to test myself and get stronger/faster. I'll continue to train there until my first fast-approaching 5K.
  5. Completed week 8 day 3 today! But am I really finished running? Not by a long shot! I'll be signing up for the Turkey Trot and run my first 5K on Thanksgiving morning. And now I want to see how fast and how long I can run. This is kind of addictive! (thank y'all for the support!)
  6. My new shoes are Asics(with neon pink laces!). I have my first run in them tomorrow morning. :-)
  7. I bought my first ever 'official running shoes' last night. They fit like a dream. The shoelaces are neon pink. And I can't wait to try them out tomorrow morning! This may sound silly to y'all who've been running a while, but for me, this is exciting! Week 6 will end in shiny triumph. (I hope) And week 7 looks great from here. Does anybody else remember their first trainers fondly? LOL
  8. I use a fanny pack. small pocket holds keys, Large pocket holds phone. I don't use earphones but crank up my speaker.
  9. Thanks all for the uplifting words and support. I started week 6 again this morning! It was a little more difficult than the last time I did it, but that's ok. I finished it. It's amazing what that did for me. I guess I'm stronger than I thought. This 5K journey continually teaches me about myself!
  10. I had wall to wall obligations through the weekend. Burned my candle at both ends. Monday came and I barely crawled out of bed in time to get to work. Then it was birthday hostessing for daughter's b'day. Yesterday crawled, worked, and had a meeting until late. I'm at work now, dragging. Will I ever feel like running again? Ugh!
  11. Did my w6d1 on Monday. Knew something was amiss. Doctor visit on Tueday confirmed a UTI. Jarring movement is very uncomfortable right now, so I'll wait for next Monday and start week 6 again. I hope. It's a little discouraging. :-(
  12. Thunderstruck by AC/DC. Can't stand the lead singer's voice, but the song sure will get me moving!
  13. Hello all. I'm totally new to all of this, was truly a couch potato. Now I've begun week 6. (hurray!) I run in the early mornings. Since I live in the country, I'm hesitant to do my runs on the road. The lighting is bad and sometimes the drivers are worse. I drive to the local high school and use their track. Without inclines. Will this hurt me when I finally get to run my first 5K? There is a park nearby with a running track complete with a couple of slopes, but it won't be very well lit and the cracks in the asphalt are horrendous, an accident waiting to happen. Thoughts?
  14. I dreaded w5d3, too, but I rearranged my playlist, put on my big girl panties, and went for it! I did it!!! Surprised myself! Now I'm feeling that if I can make that hurdle, I can make the ones to come. I will do this.
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