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  1. I've just started and had the same concern. On day 1 it was close to freezing and I wore a thinsulate hat, 2 wicking layers but forgot gloves so I had to go back for them. I think the message is to find out what you need and don't worry if you get it wrong. The worst that can happen is that you have to go home to change something, which is no big deal! I had day 2 last night and it was icy. The cold air stung in my nose and I felt a little cold in the warmup walk but after that I was ok. How did you get on?
  2. Yesterday was Day 2 and I'm feeling the effects this morning! It's a good feeling when my thighs remind me as I go downstairs that I had been working at it! Really intrigued to see when I start to notice progress. Days? Weeks? Who knows but I'm excited by the journey. I'm not giving up!
  3. Hi folks I'm new to the running game and to using the app; I've just done Week 1 Day 1 (phew!). I'm unclear about cooling down. The suggested warm-up is clear - a brisk 5 minute walk to get the blood going. However I was puzzled by what happened at the end of the 30 mins. The 'voice in my ear' said I had 1 minute left and then said something about starting cool down routine. I was hoping for some guidance as to what that should be, or is it just a repeat of the warm up? Any guidance would be much appreciated.
  4. Hi Folks After years of thinking that running/jogging/whatever wasn't for me, I impulsively bought some running shoes after a conversation with a colleague at work and downloaded the app. I'm not long back from my first 30 mins round the park (in the dark, thankfully!) and am pleasantly surprised at the experience. I was buzzing when I returned (endorphins, perhaps?) and can't wait till the day after tomorrow for another go. I'm wondering what my body will be feeling like tomorrow! The only other exercise I take is fairly brisk walking at any opportunity and climbing the stairs at work to the 3rd floor (usually 2 at a time!) rather than taking the lift. Wish me luck!
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