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  1. Hey all I'm on week 3. I live in India and there isn't an outside space near me to run as the streets are full of rickshaws, dogs, cows etc (no park) and super hot and polluted, so I use the gym treadmill. It's in km/hour and the app is in miles/hour. How fast in km should I be running? I'm currently doing 7.1 (I'm 265 pounds/120kg right now - so massively unfit!). And my incline is 0.5. Now this I find not 'easy' but doable. Looking ahead to week 5 I have to run 3/4 mile in 8 minutes. My mathematics-able friend (!) told me to achieve that I'd have to put the treadmill at 9.1km/hour, which I tried yesterday and only managed 90 seconds at that speed. It felt like a sprint! Any recommendations for a speed aim in km/hour? And incline? I obviously don't want a heart attack, but I do want to push myself. thanks
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