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  1. Thanks TheAnon! Let me know how you are doing. Tomorrow is run day and I am already telling myself that I dont feel like doing it. Hehe but you are right. I dont want to lose all my progress.
  2. Dhagen how did W3D1 go for you?
  3. Hey nat good job. Where are you at un the program?
  4. I would stay on week 4 and keep at it. You will soon get it.
  5. I think everybody has a love-hate relationship with running. Keep trying. Dont quit.
  6. Stella what was ot like going from week nine to ten? Im on W9D3 and I dont think Im ready.
  7. Hardest part is making yourself get out there and do it.
  8. I have decided now that I hate running but I like completing each week on the app.
  9. Im on week 9. Its challenging.
  10. Really didnt want to but I made it through W9D2. Being able to come on here and tell you guys that I did it motivated me. Also I am signed up for a 5K May 7th. The run was a tough one today. Struggled through it and was barely called jogging but I made it. I hope I will be ready for next week. Three 15 minute runs. Sounds tough.
  11. Made it 10 minutes into W9D2 and just thought "this really sucks!" and quit. Lol Any ideas? Might try again later. Im not having any motivation today.
  12. blayne

    10K app

    Did W9D1 today. I brought my obese golden retriever with me for the first 10 minutes. Stopped at my house and took a pee break after the second ten. Third ten was rough and fourth ten easy. Overall a good fun run.
  13. blayne

    10K app

    How many times should you do W8D3 before starting the 10K app?
  14. Oh I just read on runners world that they dont use that way anymore because its inaccurate.
  15. For beginner runners subtract your age from 220 and then take 65%-75% of that. This is your target heart rate for running.
  16. Gotta eat less, count calories, and push yourself with the C25K app.
  17. W8D3 for second time in s row, not as fun as first.
  18. Starting the 10K app is exciting. I will be looking forward to those walk breaks again!
  19. Going to do W8D3 and maybe more today then start the 10K app and work up to the 5k distance. I will have to push myself today but its all worth it. ☺
  20. Great feeling to be done with the app!
  21. Keep going Dana! You will get it. I started out way out of shape at 300 pounds. I had a rough time doing week one. Three months later and at 240 with dieting I can finally run the 30 minutes. My legs get tired but if i keep going it goes away. I never thought I could run this long. I hope to go longer so I can actually make it a 5K.
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